How to Tune Your Heart Chakra

Heart Window Human wisdom is experienced through the Heart Chakra -- not through the Mind or the 3rd Eye or the Divine Crown.

The part of you that successfully interfaces with Reality as we know it, the part of you that expresses God, and co-creates the "ripple" in the Flow, is the heart. The Heart Chakra is the energy point in your body that acts as a conduit for the emotional, feminine power that represents the Creator.

Open up your heart and say Ahhh You can tune your heart chakra by vocalizing the Ahhh sound -- like the vowel in the middle of the word god.

Try this little vocal exercise:

  • First, sing eh -- like the middle of the word get. Notice where the vibrations center in your body -- it's up in your head, in the roof of the mouth.
  • Then, sing oh -- like the o in okay. This vibration emanates from your throat.
  • Now, drop down to Ahhhhhhhh -- feel how this sound vibration physically originates much lower in your chest, closer to your heart. Notice how the vibration runs down the length of your arms toward your hands when you sing it fully and loudly.

Two Bonus Chakras -- the Hands I only recently learned this one: when you open your heart chakra, you gain two extra chakras -- the hands become energized as extensions of the heart. This makes sense when you think about healers, laying on of hands, and the transfer of energy from one person to another via touch.

Full Attunement If you want to receive an Attunement to the Akashic Records by opening the crown chakra, and meet the spirit guides on your team who can assist you in using your intuitive channel for others -- this is a more complex attunement -- it is offered as part of the Professional Intuitive Development.

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Source: I learned how to tune the Heart Chakra listening to Trust Your Vibes, on, hosted by intuitive Sonia Choquette. Check out Sonia's books.