Messages from Your Spirit Guides

A new guided meditation -- Messages from Your Spirit Guides -- is now available for instant download in mp3 format. Image - Messages from Your Spirit Guides

The #1 Most Requested Meditation for my on-going "Tower" Meditation Series is a guided visualization to assist you in performing your own spirit guide readings.

The intentions of this visualization are to communicate with your personal team of spirit guides and receive the messages you most need from them right now...

  • Listen to it again and again -- regarding any topic, challenge, or decision
  • Access information from your guides on any day, about any situation -- ask a different question; and receive answers and instructions
  • Meet the specific guide(s) assigned to assist you with a given area of your life
  • Learn Where exactly to go when you "go within"
  • Assume the position of your Higher Self and hold meetings with your guide team

Here's the link to get the Messages from Your Spirit Guides download.

I hope you enjoy it! Slade's signature