My Magic Owl Ring

I've only ever worn one piece of jewelry in my entire life — a silver owl ring.

I mentioned a little bit about how I used it in Ep 52 : Spirit Guides, Sigils and Sign Language.

This is the story of (partly) how it became so magical. It was blessed by the spirit of Pope John Paul II.


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54 - My Magic Owl Ring


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In the episode on Spirit Guides and Sign Language, where I talked about projective and receptive energy, I promised to come back and tell this story.

I’ve only ever worn one piece of jewelry in my entire life for more than like a day.

I have this silver owl ring. It's like something worn by one of those guys who wears denim shirts and pants together, possibly a little Native American ancestry, probably also wearing some turquoise somewhere. Maybe a belt buckle.

Have you ever seen a man wearing one of those Indian chief’s head rings? Do you know what I’m talking about? Well, my owl would be right beside it in the same jewelry tray.

Now, obviously, owls are my totem, so that was a big reason why I have it in the first place.

I had gone on a buying trip for this New Age store I worked at called the New Moon Gallery. Shout out to my friend Alisa who is hopefully listening right now and just started to squeal. She and I were together looking at mostly women’s jewelry for the store when I ran across this owl ring and had to buy it for myself.

Not even for the store. And I wasn’t even sure I would ever wear it. It was kind of an ironic purchase in the moment.

I took a quick pic with my phone just so you can see exactly what I’m talking about. It’s a carved, or casted maybe, silver ring that takes up the entire digit of one of my fingers. When I found it, it was too big for my ring finger and I took to wearing it on my index fingers. Which is why it became a part of the whole projective / receptive hand magic that I talked about on that other episode.

As you’ll see in this awful pic, it has tarnished in my drawer because I stopped wearing it about seven years ago when I started lifting weights a lot. Since then, my hands are literally beefier — I didn’t know that had happened — and the tarnish makes it a little easier to see the carving detail, so I just took the pic as is. You can see it on the corresponding blog post for this episode.

If you have been a Shift Your Spirits blog reader for a long time, you may remember my black and white author photo, where you can actually see it on my finger. I have my hand on my chin and that was my author pic for like ten years.

So, a few years after buying that ring and hardly even knowing why considering I didn’t wear jewelry, when I started communicating with spirit guides, and trying to get back my power and a sense of direction, I started to wear that ring. I was also coding a lot and the weight of my index finger because of the ring helped me type.


I am not even remotely Catholic, so I will likely butcher some details related to that. I don’t care. Of course you could say this is communication from a saint, and there have to be miracles associated with someone to become beatified. But I consider this about a connection to an individual soul, and also a member of a soul family.

To be honest, his conservative statements against recognizing same sex unions are to be expected given his job, but they obviously piss me off and I completely disagree. But then I believe he was the head of one of the largest terrorist organizations on the planet. So, I don’t know what to do with the politics and the religion of the situation…

Let’s just say that’s politics.

I’m just going to leave it out as not really part of this story.

I believe in a vague way, admittedly that I don’t fully understand, that I am connected to Mother Mary as an ascended master, that I attract others who are connected to her, regardless of religion, and that Pope John Paul II is a figure within this network of entities.

I went through an intense period of researching Marian visitations.

If you read books about people to whom the Virgin Mary makes appearances, of course you’ll find lots of young women, but there is a theme of her appearing or speaking to spiritual men of different faiths. It’s like a “control group” that transcends religion. If I can say this humbly, I feel a resonance with that.

During all my Mary Visitation Research, I had heard this rumor somewhere that PJP II was a Marian cultist, and that a lot of the other cardinals did not want him to be pope because of this.

He supposedly had some nuns secretly embroider this vest for him that said, in Latin, “I am hers” and he wore it during his inauguration.

Like his predecessor, John Paul II dispensed with the traditional Papal coronation and instead received ecclesiastical investiture with a simplified Papal inauguration on 22 October 1978.

During his inauguration, when the cardinals were to kneel before him to take their vows and kiss his ring, he stood up as this one Polish prelate Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński knelt down, stopped him from kissing the ring, and simply hugged him

He also broke with tradition by addressing the crowd at all, in Italian, and he did declare that he accepted the responsibility of becoming pope "in a spirit of obedience to the Lord and total faithfulness to Mary, our most Holy Mother."

When he died, I was sitting in a Border’s bookstore cafe — the one where I would go to visit Refuse to Choose.

April 2, 2005, almost a year before I decided to move back to Chattanooga and about a year and half from launching Shift Your Spirits.

I was still just blindly following these weird messages and signs and synchronicities I was receiving.

I overheard this guy at a nearby table, excitedly talking about how he had impulsively decided was to jump on a plane and go to view the pope laid out in state. He was giddy with this bizarre impulse, telling his friend about the spontaneity and how he felt spiritually moved or guided to do this.

Almost a week later, I think, it’s been a long time, I was in the Border’s cafe working again, writing, tinkering with code, building websites for clients, only this time I was there very late in the evening.

It felt like a dream because my dreams always take place at dusk. There’s a quality to the light.

And that guy was back, talking to two friends this time, same table just beside me.

I listened to his breathless story about flying to Rome, getting straight into a cab, immediately standing in line, but for almost a whole day, being one of the last people they allowed through, to view the pope laid out in state, and the surreal experience of being back in a cab and back on a plane and flying home before realizing, really processing, what he felt. It all took like a day and a half.

I learned later, by the way, that over a million people stood in line to see the pope laid out in state this way.

This guy—I’ll never know his name—said felt strangely electrified and numb, but like he had to be there, and that all the people he would subsequently meet in life would receive some of the grace of PJP II directly.

He said, he knew that sounded crazy and almost arrogant. He apologized for not being able to articulate what he meant about carrying that energy and giving it to others.

At that point, I interrupted him. It wasn’t too weird, I’d caught his eye several times. Energetically and physically, I was part of both conversations, he knew that.

His friends left when he started talking to me so he joined me at my table and continued to gush about his experience and the emotions and energy coursing through him.

And I told him about Mary and my experiences with her and how bizarre it even was and how I wanted to tell someone about it.

I asked this guy about receiving PJP’s energy. I said I thought I could actually feel it.

They were getting ready to close the Borders at that point and we started walking outside together and he asked me: “Do you have a ring?”

And I took off my owl ring, which I had started to wear and handed it to him.

He stared at it and played with it and mumbled something over it, like a prayer or a spell. And then he handed it back to me. His eyes were shining with tears.

He embarrassedly wiped them away. We walked a little further into the parking lot.

The parting was strange. He said “I’m not quite sure what to do with myself, now.”

I said “Me either."

“We have to do something with this.” he said. “I’m going to. Promise me you will.”

I said, “I will. I promise”

And I did. At least, I think I did.

I think this is it. All of this last thirteen years since I met him.

Soon after that meeting, I received a more specific message from Mother Mary — the concept for Shift Your Spirits. Really, just the title. And that it was a blog and I was supposed to share my stories on it.

The summer I started Shift Your Spirits, I dreamt a few times about PJP II. Back when I was having dreams I was at this Congress of Souls. It was this open air space that resembled the sanctuary where I have gone to Beltane Gatherings for decades, but of course, it was shifted in that dream dimension kind of way.

Pope John Paul II was there giving a speech, but it was in Italian, and I couldn’t hear him. In the dream, I struggled as if it were a sound volume issue, not language … I was straining to hear him.

I keep straining to hear those message and to translate what I think they’re about.

As always, there's an Oracle Message at the end of the audio show...