Magically Free Energy

Do you place all-or-most of your emphasis on the spaces in your life you want to FILL? How much energy do you really devote to creating space?


It's something I've been contemplating a lot lately -- I'm feeling my pending 40th birthday as an impulse to de-clutter -- the physical exercise component of a compulsion to engage in "Life Review"...

Those voices wear me out... I'm not who I used to be, and I'm not going to become who I used to be in the future. So, I really don't care to listen to those recordings anymore. They're like an old bunch of cracked CDs, that have long been burned to digital, anyway -- if I decide I need to drag one out.

I'm going to become the New Me in my future, and for that I am evaluating the past, as I clear it out and donate it to the Universe -- I'm looking through an old box of memories and realizing what I really need most is The Box.

I'm compressing some energetic archives -- I'm defragmenting my soul computer -- and I'm expressing it in a very real way.

I'm making my first tomorrow -- by making room for it.

Clearing a patch and turning the dirt over.

Creating Space.

So, yeah, maybe we do have access to infinite metaphysical space for our experiences -- it's not like there's a cosmic penalty or update nag screen that pops up on our souls -- the Flow is a stream and we're the hoses... Sure it's possible. It's abundantly clear.

But the energy shift you feel when you remove physical clutter is not only "possible" -- it's obvious. It's not just "hope" -- it happens!

It feels Really Good to breathe in a room where desktops are empty, and bookcases are strictly maintained (tackling those shelves was like shoving a spiny paper glacier back into the side of a miniature mountain wall). The floors are bare of office stacks... and that constant trickle of commercial flotsam you bring in with you every time you go outdoors has simply vanished (into the shredder or the folders where it all belongs -- but it feels like it disappeared into thin air).

Now, as I look through a doorway or walk across a room, my floors and flat surfaces SIGH with me -- WHILE smiling and singing. The carpets remind me of the Pixel People in those Prius "Harmony" commercials.

Wow. There is No Energy Source quite like Empty Space in your daily habitrail. There is no course you can tap into quicker in the physical world than making space for energy to run right around your ankles without obstruction.

To wade through your own light-ness. Light version You. (Might even make you dance a little, if you get high off of Organizational Productivity.)

Liberate Your Floors!

Conquer Your Closets! Save Your Drawers!

Can you see your bedroom floor? How much of it could you -- might you -- see that you can't at the moment? What about the floor of your office? (... your car floorboards?)

OhMyGod -- Listen: If you want to upgrade the design of your lifestyle Today, then you must go uncover some clear floors immediately! The doors to other worlds really ARE under our beds and at the backs of our wardrobes after all! Can you believe it? All this time -- right under our noses.

We're old enough to see that the Monster Energy lurking around our rooms is called Stuff -- plain and simple -- Junk. And we don't like confronting it. (Who feels like filing an obscenely fat little stack of debit card receipts from your wallet when there's email to check or a favorite show on TV?)

The good news, kids, about the Magic Spell of Decluttering -- the Monsters that hide in the margins of your shadows are not invisible -- they're better than spiritually apparent -- they're in 3-D! They're Real. They're totally easy to spot and set free.

Look around -- you can't miss them. (Yeah, they're camped out in all those physical things you literally trip over, yet continue to ignore or pretend you don't see. You've got a little low vibrational shanty town cropping up in the corner.)

And you can't imagine just how much you're going to enjoy All That when it is gone. I am here to testify!

What's left in the place of creating a sense of space is my new drug of choice.