Who Might You Become?

What if you woke up tomorrow blessed with an amnesia concerning voluntary suffering? If, through some science fiction plot-line, you could step into -- take over -- your life as if it were new to you, what might you do with it? If you had no intellectual memory of who you have been, what you've done or haven't done, what's been done to you, or who you believe you are "supposed" to be, how might you proceed? Look in the mirror, look around you, and take stock of what you really and truly have to work with. It's a Serenity Prayer Breakdown:

  • The things you cannot change
  • The things you choose to continue
  • The wisdom and insight to get real about the difference

What might you change if you didn't know any better? What stories no longer serve you?

What part of Who You Are do you put on every day like clothes, like the same pair of jeans you wore yesterday?

  • What if you didn't know what's "comfortable" and you could choose without history, rut, or just because?
  • What if you could totally make it up?
  • Which things about yourself could you reinvent?

What goes in the list that's not set in stone?

Baggage There's a spaceship coming right now to take you to your new life, and you can bring three suitcases. You sort and pack:

  • The things you cannot change
  • The things you don't want to change
  • The things you really could change

At the last minute, before boarding, you're told you can only bring two of your suitcases.

One we know you must. The other is your choice -- isn't it an obvious one?

Would it help to be told you must leave the other -- the choice is taken from you? You must take the things you cannot change and the things that you can -- the things you don't like about your life but must accept and the things you really like about yourself and choose to continue. Those you really could change but choose not to (or to choose to tell yourself you can't), those that you don't desire yet continue to bring forward -- are taken out of the equation.

You do have a choice. Your old life is on fire -- what are you going to grab?

Yesterday literally doesn't exist. So, who might you choose to be today and tomorrow?

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