Do You Feel Bad about It?

Image - the Worrier Our hyper-connectivity and pervasive media access allow us to witness so much suffering. We could easily feel a constant survivors guilt's if we did not disconnect or attempt to psychically protect ourselves.

(...But then you feel guilty for not being Aware...)

You change the channel, avoid the news, or respond in conversations with:

"I feel so bad about that…"

If you're empathic, compassionate, sensitive, intuitive… it all hurts your heart. These stories make your relative trials seem petty, your blessings seem garish.

If you can't actually help, you wonder what can you do but pray, mourn, donate, commiserate...

I believe that what is demanded of us is the exact opposite of pity, grief, or regret:

Hold what you love tighter. Don't dim the lights, hush, or muffle your voice. Turn up the volume on joy. Live loud in the name of all those who cannot.

Crossed over, they continue to cheer us on. The living and the left behind are the heroes who defeat pain and carry the victory of memory.

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Image credit Luc De Leeuw via Creative Commons on Flickr