What's Your Spirit Guide's Name?

Of all the requests I receive for Spirit Guide Readings, the Number One, all-time, most-asked question is "Can you tell me the name of my spirit guide?"

There's not even a close second... Which makes perfect sense, really -- if you're going to connect with anyone, you need a proper introduction. Can you think of anyone you'd call yourself "close" to whose name you don't know?

And who could be closer to you than your own guardian angels and spirit guides?

I encourage you to connect with your spirit guides on your own, if at all possible, and that includes discovering their names. In some cases, as with the entities we universally call personal guardian angels, you will need to give them names.

I believe we all have these benevolent entities around us and that to some degree you are able to feel them and hear them. No matter who you are, you have psychic, intuitive abilities -- they can be strengthened, developed. Your natural extra-sensory perception may not be at all like what you think it is, your particular skill-level and consciousness may vary from another person's, and certain events in your life may trigger or enhance these abilities.

As challenging as it may be for me to put these intangible issues into words, I continue to aspire toward the mission of motivating you to explore and develop your intuition. Consciousness, spirit, and the ways the mind works are difficult to pin down -- sometimes it seems the best that I can do is dance around them, always circling, with no clear chance of leading you straight to some magic-bullet, sure-fire shortcut.

I can't explain to you how to be you, I can't walk your path, I can't give you a guaranteed fool-proof recipe for "being psychic" anymore than I could give you the blueprint for "how to love." I can set an example, I can be as open as possible about how I do it... I can share ideas about general areas for you to look inside, but what you'll find there will ultimately be something you create.

It's like writing about how to have perfect pitch or a god-given artistic ability -- there are tips and techniques for developing what you have -- and you can learn and improve in any area of your life you set your mind to...

As much as I wish I could tell you exactly where to find your clairaudient intuition -- your ability to communicate with your spirit guides -- even if your inherent psychic abilities were indeed hidden in a specific cabinet in your kitchen, the best guidance I could offer -- in this blog post format -- would be something like "Where do you keep your can-opener? It's likely to be in that drawer, or somewhere close..."

Honestly, I feel a little guilty about my clairaudience. For most of my life, I was paralyzed by a fear of anyone knowing that I "hear shit" and slapping a psycho label on me -- one that's stitched into a straight-jacket with a life-time membership to my own private padded cell. I've clearly faced this fear, only to be confronted with a new, less obvious emotion.

Guilt. Something very close to "survivor's guilt," actually:

Why me and not you?

  • If I had been born with a beautiful voice, would I feel guilty if everyone around me was tone-deaf by comparison? No, I'd sing for you.
  • If I had an eye for color and a flair for illustration, would I feel guilty if you told me you were color-blind? What if you commissioned me to draw a picture for you -- why wouldn't I?
  • If I knew the name of someone you could call up who would change your life forever, would I feel "guilty" about telling you?

Feeling guilty about it is silly. I am a clairaudient intuitive. And the one thing I can detect 99% of the time is the name of the spirit entities who attend you.

I don't entirely understand why I can, I can't entirely explain to you how it works... it's not my place to decide for you what you even do with that information. But I have been told, time and time again, that I'm not supposed to deny it or keep it to myself when it could help you.

Spirit Guide Name Readings

I now offer readings exclusively by phone, and I always include information about your spirit guides and their names in any reading when asked. (I no longer offer readings via email -- they take hours to prepare, which makes them very cost prohibitive.)

Telling you the name of your spirit guides by phone takes only second, and we still have the remainder of the call to focus on questions, issues, and the messages your guides have for you. If you want to know the name of your spirit guide, I can certainly tell you. A Phone Reading is the quickest, most reasonably-priced way for me to speak with all the people who want to know the names of their guides.

To schedule a Phone Reading, please go the

Readings page.

"Your life purpose is defined by what other people ASK of you, more than it is about what you want to give."

Become a Professional Intuitive

Do you feel called to do Spirit Guide Readings for others? You can learn to do professional readings. I've mentored hundreds of new intuitives through the Automatic Intuition Professional Intuitive Training Program.

The turning point in my personal relationship with my guides, the turning point in my life -- began -- not with an awareness of their presence, that's been as long as I can remember -- but with the day I finally said "Who the hell are you and why are you here?"

That's how the real conversations got started -- the results of what I continue to learn from engaging my guides in a literal way are nothing short of amazing. My life didn't change for the better over-night, but within about five years it was absolutely unrecognizably improved. It all started to change the day I finally asked and received the answer to a very simple question "Who are you?"

How to Hear Your Spirit Guides

You can develop your clairaudient intuition and learn to hear your guides on your own: check out the mp3 audio program Talking to Your Spirit Guides.

You are not alone. Find out who's there with you and start talking to them. To some of you it may sound a little silly -- but it becomes easier to approach your intuition literally when there's an identity there to work with. It becomes harder to dismiss the results as vague or strange when they become familiar.

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