Surrender Your Love Hunt

Let it go.

Surrender this whole ... grasping thing.

You're spending way too much energy on what's missing...

But, hold on — let's make sure you spin this right:

It's not "give up" because "that ship has sailed."

This is about tapping into the phenomenon where the things you're looking for usually show up the minute you stop striving so hard to find them.

Now, you can’t cheat this magic.

You can't "pretend" not to look, yet really be looking...

Surrendering this constant “love hunt” is about redirecting your energy to the person you’ve always wanted to become.

That version of yourself is the same person as who you want to be when you meet the love of your life.

So trust that you can let it go.

You’re not going to “miss” anything that’s meant for you.

It'll happen when it happens, and you can either waste energy on it or effortlessly allow it to find you.

Let it find you busy making other amazing things happen in the world.