The Problem with Manifesting Romance Online

A client writes to me with questions about how to manifest a romantic relationship using the Sacred Elements method in the program Manifest Anything. She's currently exploring online dating sites, and the results leave her asking if she might be "missing something."

Manifesting with the Sacred Elements

The Elements — Earth, Air, Fire, Water — are like the legs of a table. All must be equally represented for the Spirit of a thing — its synergy, its whole — to manifest.

The challenge with online dating is an imbalance of the Elements — it's almost entirely abstract Air (thoughts, ideas, images, communication, technology, language) with a lot of Water flooding the situation (emotions, feelings, desires). Fire is under-represented, and Earth is virtually non-existent in the equation.

The criticism of so many Law of Attraction techniques is that they emphasize thoughts and feelings at the exclusive of action. Even that revelation falls short — action is not just another single ingredient in a recipe; actions must be taken that represent each and all of the Elements equally.

Thinking is an action of Air. Feeling is an action of Water.

"Passion" is not Fire. Passion is just more emotion — more Water.

There is a social component of Fire that you absolutely must learn to recognize in order to successfully employ this method. The social aspect of Fire is probably behind all those couples who meet through mutual friends. While social media and online communities might carry a lick or two of flame, it's still fairly ephemeral, with repetitive superficial interactions and not much substance to burn.

The most profound issues with manifesting a romantic relationship online result from the lack of Earth:

  • generally ungrounded
  • no pheromones, no physical chemistry
  • the vibe is off
  • you can't see crazy in a pic
  • it's all in your head
  • abstract, looks good on paper
  • being in love with an idea of someone, as opposed to a real person
  • daydreams, unrealistic
  • long distance, "geographically undesirable"
  • all talk, no action
  • says all the right things, but the behavior doesn't back it up

What should you do? What works?

Obviously, a large and growing percentage of marriages begin online. But I would argue that those couples successfully address the Elemental deficiencies — they manifest the relationship by quickly grounding it in the realm of Earth and then consistently maintain actions that represent Earth and Fire. When connecting with someone online, they could be physically anywhere in the world, so obviously travel is an Earthly effort (and potentially, relocation).

Fortunately, the environments and activities that constitute both the Fire and Earth Elements are greatly intermingled.

Social groups and activities organized around mutual, healthy motivations and intentions provide the most Elemental Substance — spiritual groups, religious institutions, athletic associations, fitness clubs, sports teams, political campaigns, educational programs, self-improvement seminars…

Is there a shared purpose? A cause that unites and identifies?

(Be careful looking to meet people in just any old average bar where the unifying Element is simply alcohol. But, hey, if you're a connoisseur of wine, beer, whiskey, etc… look for environments and events that elevate that interest. Keep it classy.)

To learn about this system and these Elemental classifications, check out the course Manifest Anything.