What Happened to the Ascension?

Wasn't humanity supposed to be ascending? Weren't we collectively waking up as a species? More and more of us becoming conscious, empathic, self-aware? Age of Aquarius and all that...

If it's true, then why are we seeing a shift -- across the entire globe -- toward right-wing ideologies and religious extremism?

We're not observing the derailing of humanity's ascension, but the shedding of humanity's skin. The old, rough, tired and worn out way of dealing with fear in the world.

You know how, soon after death, the body can violently reanimate? Jerks, convulsions, seizures...

Right-wing fundamentalism and separatism has already died.

This is the ugly moment where the bile and blood come up, the bowels are released, and the corpse starts moving like something out of a horror film.

Hang on tight through the death throes.

It's ugly. It's scary.

But it's an illusion of life and resurrection.

It's not coming back.