Why Are You Going to Hell? Look Up

We are all of us in the gutter; some of us are looking at the stars.

Oscar Wilde

Technology is evil? As IF! I think you may have fallen into a Rut, Valley Girl... What's your damage? Why are you being so lame?

Do you think books are evil? What about phones -- evil, too? Conversation is clearly unmentionable then, huh? I guess we would've been so much better off without language or communication altogether...[sigh]

So, does this mean you've already decided that Humanity is evil? How selfless of you to bear the burden of making that call for the rest of us. Or is the word considerate? Presumptious, maybe?

One thing's fer sure -- How freaking CONVENIENT -- you know, you don't have to work as hard if you decide to fail in advance. It's a real time savior!

But I AM curious -- why are you here? Are you secretly waffling in your pessimism, undecided about the fate of mankind -- hoping you're wrong, crossing your fingers, perhaps? Waiting for an invitation, maybe? Looking for the perfect date?

Get off the cross, burning man, somebody else needs the wood. While you're still up, get a life or get off the planet -- you're either with us or you're against us -- you have a choice to either be part of the solution or part of the problem.

Shut up, Suit up, Show up Frankly, why should the rest of us carry your ass [I mean SPIRIT] if you plan to spend your time saving everybody a place in line for the Elevator Going Down?

You can give my free ticket to Hell away if you want it -- I certainly won't be needing it. I'm heading up and out, personally -- but it's not like I'll be alone -- first stop, a killer Launch Party:

We are Go for Lift-off!

You didn't get your invitation? How could you miss all those 11:11's flashing at you day after day?

You came with all the necessary equipment, you know. All you need to pursue an alternate path is the birthday suit you picked up years ago. That Jesus dude, among many others, has already dropped by and personally tested the Suit. Maybe you haven't explored all its features - don't feel bad, few have made it that far in mastering the Mortail Coil -- but the preview demonstrations of what you can accomplish with one of these body things shows a lot of promise!

Anyway, I'll be on a hilltop, practicing while we wait, cloudbusting -- practicing what I preach -- with the sun in my face, dipping my DNA in the big blue forever, watching for a sign that we've managed to raise our world higher.

I have a feeling once we start to fly, we won't need to worry so much about being grounded; we'll stop obsessing over falling as soon as we adjust to weightlessness. Then we'll see the potential of the Greater Direction -- flip over when you're finally floating and you realize that the sky is totally open -- it goes All the Way.

Earth is a short trip we've already taken. We're about to run out of Frontier.

Maybe we'll just reel the Universe in with our big Net...

We've already got rockets that run a hell of a lot farther -- faster -- than the ride you're so hell-bent on taking; one caveat -- those vehicles are heading in Other Directions.

Cheer up, little Sons of Adam, Daughters of Eve -- look on the Bright Side -- the Party's just getting started -- the lights are all over the sky if you want to see them -- the Universe -- the Heavens are THAT way.

Look up!