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I’m sharing observations from my trip to Boston. Notes on shadow work, manifesting, parking angels, and an expanded awareness of the stranger angels phenomenon.


83 - Stranger Angels Everywhere


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E:79 - The Passenger

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I travelled to Boston, Massachusetts, last week with my friend Rob, who you may remember is also one of the people I travelled to New Orleans with last month. We were joking, while in Boston, that we were living The Passenger Part 2, the sequel to Episode #79, the podcast where I shared some of my adventures and spiritual observations while traveling in New Orleans.

We were laughing about the fact that sequels are often really disappointing attempts to resurrect some memes or themes that were successful in the original. We were laughing about it because the point of comparison between these two trips is really unfair. There's no way that this, as a sequel, would be satisfying to that other trip.

This trip was different from the New Orleans trip for a lot of reasons. There was a large group of people coming from all over to go to New Orleans to celebrate a birthday party for a friend that we all had in common. Of course, it was New Orleans so there was the expectation of a certain level of party and debauchery, etc.

This trip was just the two of us. It was just Rob and I. The tone was extremely different. The quest was entirely focused and we were dealing with some darker emotions on this trip.

Just to give you a little bit of backstory without going into his privacy too much. Rob's sister passed away a couple of years ago in New Hampshire. After the funeral, there was a storage facility with some of her personal effects and belongings that had been left behind, that still needed to be gone through and processed and distributed to people within the family.

He'd been dreading, obviously, going back up there, taking a trip just to go through those boxes, clear out the storage facility and ship some things back to his home in Atlanta. He told me, when he first presented the trip to me, that I just kept coming up as someone to accompany him on this journey.

He hated to ask his partner to go back up there, after having already gone and done all the funeral stuff once before. He felt like it was a tall order to ask him to go back and be a companion one more time in this last leg of the process.

I seemed uniquely qualified as someone who's been friends with him for over 25 years. We are like family and I am someone who deals with stuff, you know, issues of life and death, a lot of vulnerable client conversations in my daily world. So yeah, it made sense to me why I came up as a possible person to accompany him on this.

We also wanted to, after accomplishing what we needed to, to have a moment where we could shake some of that energy off and turn to something more hopeful and happy, and just have a good time a couple days in Boston enjoying the city.

We've known each other for years. We've travelled together a lot and we travel well together. So I was really looking forward to it. I did feel like I was uniquely equipped to be the passenger again on this trip. I couldn't really imagine anyone else. On paper, maybe it doesn't sound like so much fun but it was a really intensely great experience for both of us.

We were traveling on the new moon in Scorpio. That was the day we were going up there. I was very aware of the significance of that. If you haven't heard me talk about my chart before, I'm a Leo with a Scorpio moon and Scorpio ascendant. I have a lot of Scorpio in my chart. I always personally like to unload some of my darker stuff with Scorpio friends.

If you have friends who have Scorpio significantly in their chart, there's something about Scorpio energy people. They're able to process a lot of really heavy stuff, whether it's death or sexuality. And they have a capacity to do so without being negatively impacted by it, and also without there being shame involved.

If you have any kind of issue that you feel shame around, even if it's the shame of sharing something dark and affecting other people, find yourself a Scorpio, or someone with a Scorpio moon, or it could be any significant placement in their chart. We do have the capacity to do that kind of work. It's shadow work!

This trip, whether Rob would ever use that terminology or not, was a shadow work voyage. Sexuality, mortality, very much a part of the link to Scorpio energies, Scorpio new moon. I've heard it expressed that someone who has this kind of energy, or this kind of placements in their chart, is referred to as someone who can see in the dark, and I like that term.

I'm someone who can see in the dark. So I was all down to accompany him to the dark and back into the light again.

Just a little bit of a note on my update on travel anxiety and sleep issues. It's definitely an anxiety thing. Traveling relinquishes a lot of control in order to work. To be successful you do need to be carried a bit and not trying to control everything. Routines go out the window when you travel. That all makes it difficult for me.

I really thrive on having a very routine life, so it can be exhausting for me to be outside of that and to be ungrounded, especially if you don't know how to recognize and allow those magic moments to happen.

Now fortunately, I am very hyperaware of my own shortcomings in those areas and also aware of how to make those experiences what they need to be. How to allow them to be what they're meant to be for you, and to step back outside yourself a little bit and observe how it's an opportunity for you to practice differently. To be in the world differently. Literally to wear a different cloak and to move through the world in a new way.

The biggest takeaway from this trip for both Rob and I was about the recurring theme that manifesting is not about attracting the right place or the right circumstances, the right details or the right things, but it's about connecting to the right people. Manifesting even a circumstance is often about attracting the right kind of people to assist in that to make it happen.

If you manifest and attract the right people to you, and present whatever it is that you're trying to accomplish, often a lot of stuff gets taken care of by itself. Or the people that you attract will take care of multiple steps along your to-do list. That was something that I noticed a lot.

We would have a set of things we needed to accomplish. We need to go here and get this. And we need to go to this other place and pick up the key. And after that, we need to figure out where to take this stuff, and can we haul this here. There'd be like a set of five things and sometimes the answer to that was one person that we met along the way, who we would share, We're trying to do this, this and this. And they would often have a simplified route, or a way of condensing a lot of the steps.

So I noticed that in manifesting, we weren't manifesting each individual thing. It was all sort of rolled together, and it was all defined by people.

Manifesting the right person and presenting your needs to them, they often had solutions that were simply better than anything that you could come up with. Sometimes because they were local to the place and the space that we were working in, they had information and understanding and knowledge about where we were that made it very easy for them to connect dots for us that we would have really struggled to make on our own.

Rob is very much a friendly and outgoing person, like I am. We both have the capacity to speak to strangers and to project our personalities a little bit. And we got into a lot of situations where there were people who were unacknowledged in the roles that they were in.

Especially like, people working in the airport. You could see that they were very close to being an automaton. They were saying the same thing over and over again. Hundreds of people were just streaming by and Rob talked about the fact that, breaking that for them and simply acknowledging them, and asking them, Hey, how's it going, or whatever.

Just seeing them in the moment produced powerful magic. It was like, we weren't just looking to get assistance. We were also giving it. We were in this very conscious dance of interacting with people and giving our energy and creating opportunities for them to give us theirs. It was like everyone was sleepwalking and we were suddenly coming through and waking everyone up for just a moment.

And you could see the impact that it has.

I think most people who are sad and troubled and struggling in their lives feel a certain amount of invisibility. I do think that just acknowledging someone, making eye contact with them, speaking to them in just a pleasant way, you never know what kind of impact that you might have just had on the trajectory that that person is on.

It's so easy for us to not experience that. It's very easy to get on a bus and immediately look at your phone. Or get in an Uber and get on your phone, without talking to the driver. That kind of thing.

Of course, I talked a lot about Uber drivers in the first passenger episode, episode #79, so I'm not going to go into a whole lot of Uber stories this time around, but we still had those moments, you know? We still had the guy that was an Uber driver who was looking to develop his real estate business and doing rentals and Rob was able to give him some advice about some tools and platforms he could use to automate certain parts of his business.

Just these little things where we were sharing bits of information.

And, you know, I was really aware, even to myself, I wasn't so much talking to Rob about stranger angels phenomenon. But I saw how Rob, in the way that he interacted with people, he very much was a stranger angel to a lot of the people he encountered.

I could see how the impact that he was making and the energy that he was sharing, some day they could be like, You know what? This guy just got in my car and told me about this cool thing and I started using it and it was awesome. It was just the answer I was looking for. I never saw him again, kind of thing.

So I was very aware of this phenomenon, not only of attracting stranger angels to help us on our journey through the small towns of New Hampshire, and trying to navigate where we needed to go.

But also the fact that you could be a stranger angel if you were in the mindset. It was kind of like the same switch got thrown. And whether or not you were that for the other person or they were that for you, was kind of secondary. Like it could sort of happen for both of us.

It sounds so simple. The kindness of strangers, just to interact with people more. Don't be lost in your cell phone.

Like, yeah, yeah, we hear that kind of stuff all the time and I don't think there's anything wrong with information technology and being connected in that way. But I do think it's very powerful. To be present and to look other people in the eyes and make sure that they feel they're seen. Even just for a moment.

So, you know, some of the kinds of things that happened was, what started out as a question about where we could drop off donated items. We had some things after we went through the storage facility, we had boxes of things. Bins, nice plastic tubs full of stuff that we wanted to donate. And so we were looking online for Goodwillls and places where we could go and drop off stuff. Places that would be open.

Some of them were 25 miles away, they were in neighbouring towns. We didn't really know like, do they have one of those big drop centres, where they have a trailer in the parking lot where you can leave stuff inside it. We didn't have any way of knowing these things.

And so there was a small antique junk store kind of place. You know one of those places, it's like kind of antiques, but then it just kind of like this crazy random stuff. It was right across the street from the storage facility. I said, You know what? Let me stop in there and ask them, because they probably know where some dumpsters are that we can throw some stuff away. And they probably are also aware of where we could take things and donate it, and it might save us a trip somewhere out of town.

Once I got inside and started talking to the owner of the junk store, I realized really quickly that he actually wanted the stuff. He was willing to go through it himself. So what started out as a frustrating googling situation, just by manifesting this one person, suddenly he took it all off our hands on the spot.

We didn't have to go anywhere. We didn't have to go find any of those places. He actually helped us unload the truck right then and there. I realized that we were sort of possibly a windfall to him, to his store. He had all these items, hopefully, among that stuff that he could sell in his store. To him, it was a plus. One man's trash is another man's treasure kind of thing.

And there were just a lot of circumstances where things like that happened and it made me really aware every time we started to say, We need to find a certain kind of hotel, or we need to find a certain kind of restaurant, that I started to think of everything in terms of, we need to find people to ask. We need to find the right people to present what we're trying to do. And then they always have great recommendations to make.

It's the same as when you go somewhere and you ask someone, Where's somewhere good to eat? People who live somewhere locally will know about places to go that tourists don't necessarily see. And so, you always get a different experience if you can plug into someone who is from that world. It's very different than googling 'restaurants close to me'.

So, yeah, the power of acknowledging people. That was really a big part of this trip. The idea of being a stranger angel, and also attracting them to you. That this is a phenomenon of interaction.

Of course, I've written about and spoken about stranger angels in more of a paranormal context, but in the moment, we really have no way of knowing who these people are before and after they leave us. It's just a moment in time where they're almost like, a walk-in part in our lives, and we're a walk-in part in theirs.

Simply stopping to acknowledge Rob's impulse to connect with other people, we were able to kind of feed off each other's intentional friendliness. We both have this thing in our personality where we use our friendliness and our personality to draw people out.

It was really fun to be with someone else who I could perfectly modulate that behaviour and really match in a certain way. There was no resistance there. We were both very much on the same page without having to think about it.

Someone that I encountered, I can't remember what the details were, but I complimented someone on her coat or something like that. She shared, in the moment, how insecure she was actually about buying that colour, and how she almost didn't do it, and how, again, even that morning before putting it on, she felt this sense of, Ugh, I shouldn't wear this colour. It's really obnoxious.

The fact that I notice it and said to her, That's a really beautiful colour for you to wear, was like a trip to her. Because she apparently had spent so much time thinking the exact same opposite.

And so, just there in that moment, sharing that observation, I didn't realize. Maybe it was an intuitive thing. But I didn't consciously pick up on the fact that, Wow, this person's really struggling with her appearance today. That by obeying the impulse to say something really turned her around.

She acknowledged that in the moment. She was like, Ohmygod, I can't believe that you knew to do that.

There was a guy in the airport who we talked to about his glasses, in what started out as a, Oh, I like your glasses, conversation, ended up being a more in-depth Rob passing on his love of Zenni optical and exposing another person to the ability to afford multiple pairs of glasses styles. So that was another one of those exchanges that started out very innocently.

Yeah, I mean, there were so many of these things and I'm sitting here trying to recall them. Unless I'd written them down in the moment with the purpose of tracking them all, it's kind of hard to remember. I just remember having the feeling that I was choosing to be that way in the world. And it's a choice that a lot of people don't make. It's actually easy to not be that way in the world.

But there was something so profoundly powerful about knowing that you could do it and seeing the result, over and over again. It was almost like we were playing with this magic that we found. Like we found a magic spell and we're like, Ooo, let's do it again and see what happens, throughout the trip and we're never disappointed.

It was really pretty amazing.

There was some mastery level parking angels experience that I have to acknowledge. No one was there to witness it but Rob. He was impressed. The parking angels are for real. They are in full effect. Go and listen to that episode, too, about parking angels. I feel like stranger angels and parking angels were the theme.

The thing is, is that those concepts became so expansive for me in the world on this trip. It also made me aware of the fact that I AM one, by choosing to be one of these forces in the world. And that you can be the most muggle person in the whole world and if you understand the intention of being a magical person, and interacting with others in that way, it's extremely infectious and it really gets you results.

Like, you see the results of doing it and it turns me on to be that way more.

Maybe it's because in our normal routine lives we're just sort of seeing the same people all the time, so it's harder to create those experiences. But I'm going to be looking for ways to practice that more in my daily life. And see what stones I'm leaving uncovered.

So there was a lot of shadow work on this trip and when we came back out of it, towards the end, there was a lot of light and a lot of beautiful fall colours and walking around Boston. And we were able to flip the energy a little bit and we returned on 11-11, which was auspicious.

There's a lot of 11 numerology this month. November 2018. But whenever you're listening to this, because I know some of you are listening from the future and it may not be November 2018 anymore, but whenever you're hearing this, just know you're kind of meant to hear this message right now. It's important for you to know why this month is so vibrationally powerful in terms of numerology.

11 is an awakening number. It's an energetic portal signifying heightened consciousness, awareness. It opens a path to spiritual growth and ascension. There's a lot of energetic shifts happening this month. November 1st. November 10th. November 11th. November 19th. November 28th and November 29th.

November 29th is another big one. It's 11:11:11. It's how it reduces numerologically, it's a hard word to say. Some of the themes that I want you to take away from my shadow work this week is about resetting and re-programming, leveling up, increasing your intuition, your perception is changing. There's clarity, there's insight. Very vivid, realistic dreams for those of you who are dreamers may hold important messages.

There are some life altering opportunities and events. Exciting possibilities. Increasing déjà vu and signs and serendipities and synchronicities. It's all about that alignment and that flow. Past, present, future all integrating together. There's effortless manifesting and there's an abundance of blessings.

And, of course, in the United States, this is thanksgiving time.

So I think all of that is connected somehow to gratitude. Doing shadow work, being aware of mortality, death, sexuality, all of that stuff is ultimately kind of comes back around to gratitude. Of being grateful for being in this world, being in a body, and having the experience that we're having, and allowing ourselves to see it as something magical, even when it seems mundane.

So, play at being a stranger angel in your world. This month. There's very little difference between playing that role and being that phenomenon. I mean, if you intend to do it for someone else, it's very likely to be effective to the person receiving it.

Also, ask people for what you need. Ask people for what you need. People have a natural urge to be heroes. We like to help people. We love to rescue somebody and point them on their way. We love to be the person who delivers a tool or a message or a piece of information that really impacts someone. And when you are carrying that kind of stuff around, there's nothing better than having the opportunity to share it.

So give each other that opportunity. Go ask someone to help you. Present to them what you want to accomplish and see how much of it they actually can assist you with.