Adam's Task - The Ascension

Language & Co-Creation in the Ascension of Mankind

Genesis Creation Myth

"And out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof." --The Book of Genesis 2:19

Information technology is not new. Man's God-given task in co-creating the Universe is to name everything. Names are the basis of human language, and language is the basis of all technology.

There can be little doubt that the Ascension of Man will include technology. Barring an absolute, unforeseen miracle, it would be impossible at this point in human history to even imagine a world -- whether better or worse -- that will not feature human technology. It's inevitable that such a miracle may actually be the result of our technology.

We are fast approaching the Technological Singularity -- the point at which human intelligence will transcend the boundaries of biology. The Singularity is not a "New Age" theory -- it is a scientific fact that has no basis in spirituality.

Yet the Singularity has profound spiritual implications.

Even within the most conservative predictions, we are only a few decades away from the point in human history that will represent an irreversible paradigm shift. Some half-jokingly refer to this as the Rapture of The Nerds, but it is hard to dismiss the time-frame that includes the end of the Mayan Calendar, and the beginning of the New Age, the Age of Aquarius.

The Ascension of Mankind will be powered by our own technology, and from our humblest task at the beginning, extending to infinity, is our first and primary creative power -- language.


The Language of the Creator

God deferred to the language of man as His own. The Language of God, the Source Code of All Creation -- The Word -- is Man's word.

Adam's Task was not discontinued as a result of Original Sin -- eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil -- it was merely complicated. Rather than continuing in the Garden, simply calling forth the abundance of all life on Earth, man's godlike new knowledge represented the greater burden -- the responsibility -- of understanding.

Condemned to toil and labor in order to continue accessing the abundance of the Garden, man developed agriculture. Agriculture and domestication of livestock directly led to the development of human society, which led to the Industrial Revolution, the Atomic Age, and now, ultimately, to the Information Revolution.

Along the way, we've made a mess of Nature, pulling apart Creation in our attempts to unravel, decode, and understand the Language of God. We've successfully split the atom, we've mapped the human genome, we've discovered and given names to the alphabet of all matter in the Universe. We are now fast approaching a fluency that will allow us to put Nature back together again, according to our will.

We are about to transcend the limitations of biology and the boundaries of the physical world. And we are going to accomplish this with Ideas and the Words which are their forms.

Made of dust, infused with the breath of life, conscious

We are made of dust -- the matter of the stars -- ordered into consciousness and living complexity.

Emerging and imminent nanotechnology represents a similar godlike power in the hands of man. Adam has named the very particles of the physical world -- we are fluent in the vocabulary of chemistry; we can communicate with the order of Creation at the smallest level of construction.

There is a second wave of the Industrial Revolution approaching, when the bulk of manufacturing might shrinks from the smog-belching factories, with its back-breaking human labor and robotic slaves, to laboratory test-tubes.

Adam, ascended, will remake the New Earth and beyond, at the tiniest -- and greatest -- imaginable scales.

The Trees — Source Code and Holograms

Why was it necessary to even place the Tree of Life, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, in the Garden at all?

Like the alphabets of chemistry and DNA, the instructional information of the physical world is a hologram: the whole blueprint is contained within any individual part; from one cell we may extrapolate, engineer, re-create.

The Trees are Seeds.

The Greatest of Tools

How did we get here? What has allowed us to evolve to this point?

Our ability not only to communicate our knowledge and experience, but to record it. The earliest forms of written language gave immortality to the wisdom of our collective Mind, if not our bodies.

The Book persists as the greatest tool ever developed.

The Book itself has evolved from an expensive, difficult to produce (and re-produce), rare treasure that allows the sharing of information across time and human life-times. Once only the rarest vessel of the most precious information, the Book is now everywhere.

The Book itself has transcended matter -- information now resides in a virtual space with almost limitless reach. Freed of its expensive, fragile, still temporary physical format, human wisdom is accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime, instantly.

Information can be produced, preserved, shared, manipulated, and improved upon in a direct communication from one individual author to billions. With access to the Internet, we each now have the potential to share any piece of our minds with everyone, at very little cost and labor.

If you go to your web browser and view the source code, or if you peer into the internal mechanisms of the programs that run your computer, what you will find there is not "math and science" -- you'll find words. Human language.

No matter what the discipline, field, area of study -- whether it's spiritual, artistic, scientific, medical -- the one common denominator of All that we know -- all the wisdom and knowledge we've accumulated across all human history -- is our language.

We are the means by which the Universe experiences itself.

It is the goal of the Universe for consciousness -- information; knowledge of itself -- to pervade every wave and particle of creation.

There is nothing you can name without naming it. You cannot even think a Thing without its name. Thoughts are things, and words are their handles.

Magic & Technology

"I discovered that unlike mere tricks, technology does not lose its transcendent power when its secrets are revealed. I am often reminded of Arthur C. Clarke's third law, that 'any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.'" --Ray Kurzweil, The Singularity is Near

Indeed, the power that our technology affords us is increasingly invisible. The wisdom of our language no longer even requires wires.

Electricity is not visible.

"Where" is the Web? Without a browser window to display it, virtual space is not visible either -- it's everywhere and nowhere.

Most of us use cell phones to communicate with each other on a daily basis.

We email and chat with disembodied, non-present voices.

We engage in financial transactions that are increasingly less required to exist in physical form.

We speak to spirits we cannot see.

The very word angel means "messenger" -- it's the messages -- the Word -- that shapes all conscious reality.

Whether the lowliest infrared remote control, the everyday commonplace modes of communication, the workings of the global economy, or the wishes of our hearts and the dreams of our souls, what we would have called magical and miraculous for the majority of human history is now called technology.

At the root of all spells are incantations -- the words, strung together in the right sequence, to call forth change in our physical reality.

Thoughts are Things — Words are Wands

The Internet can be viewed as the fruition -- at least the most current iteration -- of Adam's Task. It has grown, evolved, changed -- it will continue -- but it is still the god-given assignment of co-creation that it was in Eden. Really, very little has changed: the Creator still presents to us everything under the sun, and we provide names for the pieces. We break the pieces down, smaller and smaller, and we keep naming as we go -- specifying, identifying, tagging.

There seems no limit to our task.

The scope, breadth, and depth of Adam's Task grows in multiple directions and dimensions -- inward/outward, larger/smaller, physical/virtual…

The Ascension of Mankind is a Gospel -- a god spell, a Story, the unraveling and re-weaving of the Web.

We have always been making history. His story is our story.