When I Get to Heaven

Mandy Markham Johnson has been drafted - as a quasi-guest author - at least as a talented voice I must share with Shift Your Spirits readers.

Sometimes, I read a blog post that makes me say "Damn, I wish I could publish that!"

Mandy is one of my dearest friends -- I worked as her assistant way too briefly back in 1997 -- it's hard to believe how rarely we actually see one another; our relationship is a fierce, enduring correspondence.

A Mantra of Creative Divinity A decade ago Mandy gave me a copy of Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way inscribed with the message

"Sometimes, we have to create the life we want to live."

This became one of my most powerful mantras as an artist and the True North of my spiritual compass as I follow my Shifting Path.

Although Mandy has been recruited for a future official guest author spot on Shift Your Spirits, this morning I read a piece on her own site that represents an authenticity of spirit and personal voice that I truly aspire to in my own writing.

Mandy's When I get to Heaven, I'm sleeping in the pink room illustrates an important point I wanted to make in my recent post on Life Before Death - and does so beautifully.

An Excerpt Here's a delicious taste of Mandy's words about Heaven on Earth and Life Before Death:

And then I would wake up to the smell of Granddaddy's scrambled eggs and toast. I remember thinking that I was sure there would be scrambled eggs and toast in Heaven. And that he would be the one cooking for all of us fortunate enough to be in Heaven. See, even then I was trying to make sense of this whole life after death thing...trying to figure out what could possibly be better than the life I had at that moment here on earth. So anyway, in Heaven there are no Pop-Tarts. No Alpha-Bits. Just Wilbur's scrambled eggs and toast. - Mandy Markham Johnson

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