Why I Blog - Big Mission for An Ugly Little Word

The Question "Why do I blog?" might as well be a prompt to write my autobiography! But the super short answer is that I blog in service to Ascended Master Mother Mary.

Weaving My Words into the Web I've been "tagged" by the author of DruidJournal to write a post about Why I Blog. Tagging is the blogosphere's version of Show-n-Tell meets Composition Class meets...well, a game of Tag.

Jeff Lilly writes that he blogs because Apollo told him to. I blog because the Virgin Mary told me to.

Like Jeff -- a self-identified druid in service to a Greek god -- you may wonder what a Wiccan - Shaman - Clairaudient - Medium - Big - Mouth - Heretic - Punk - Rock - Preacher is doing taking direction from the Mother of Jesus. I mean, I'm hardly Catholic - I do not identify as Christian. Mary Herself points out to many of her devotees and visionaries that She ain't Catholic or Christian either.

Don't send me hate mail, Xians -- this is just a fact: neither Jesus or Mary could POSSIBLY be members of a religious affiliation that did not exist in their lifetimes. This does not affect their exalted position in human religion; nor does it detract from their spiritual status. So, just chill, y'all. I know Jesus. I love Jesus. His Mama and I talk all the time.

The Truth -- the Mystery -- is bigger than any of the names we choose to slap on it.

I think there's an enormous Message for all of us underlying the phenomenon of cross-pollinated spiritual paths -- world culture is blending to a degree that we've never known before. The Truth is threaded throughout all faiths -- it is literally a web of Mysteries and Wisdoms -- it is called by many names in many human languages.

The Mother Goddess has many faces. She wears her BVM drag for me. That's another story - a memoir I am feverishly working to complete, called Answering to Mary.

The Lightworkers are Gathering It is no accident that I discovered Jeff by way of the community of Lightworkers that cross paths with the Pavlinas. Erin Pavlina also made a similar decision in 2006 to step consciously forward into her life purpose as a medium. It seems that at least the three of us (and probably countless others I don't know about) were approaching a very similar crossroads within months of one another.

The synchronicity that stands out most for me is not only that many people would be given a similar spiritual ultimatum at a close point in time, or that we seem to have responded so similarly to the Call, but that we chose such strikingly similar vehicles and mediums within which to work.

Are you aware that Heaven has a Congress? What my spirit guides call the Congress I have learned is called by other names: the Council, the Emissaries of the Third Ray, the Hosts of Heaven… Lightworkers have been receiving instruction for who knows how long, but there are a couple of points in recent history where the spikes in the signal - the Call - from the Ascended Masters got cranked up in a major way.

What was going on one year ago? Last year - 2006 - something shifted. The volume got turned way up. The degree of transformation that my life underwent between the last two Januarys blows my mind when I look back along my Shifting Path.

Yes, I do believe it all has something to do with the New Age, the Ascension of Mankind, the Rapture of the Nerds ( the Technological Singularity), and the New Earth.

What did you start manifesting 7 years ago? I first "went" to the Congress on New Year's Eve 1999-2000 (the Millenium). Unlike Jeff and Erin, I flat out SUCK at lucid dreaming and meditation, although I do receive the clearest directive from my spirit guides immediately upon waking up. I connect with Spirit in a Joan of Arc-style form of divine chit-chat -- I am an open channel -- what parapsychologists call a clairaudient intuitive -- I hear shit.

The Millenium itself was significant because our attention made it so. I was wide open that evening to the awareness of how powerful it is when SO many people are thinking about the same thing at the same time. The Power of Prayer. Manifestation. The Secret.

You might picture this as receiving a computer-animated graphic visualization of what the energy of human harmonic convergence looks like -- if you were in earth orbit, like a communications satellite or the international space station, and you were watching the world roll by beneath you, and you could physically SEE the energy of people thinking the same thing at the same time...

That Big Thought was simply a conscious awareness of the New Millenium -- and I saw? heard? felt? it move across the world in waves. You've experienced something similar when you've stood outside on New Year's Eve or the Fourth of July -- the slight delay in the sound of fireworks and cheers and cars honking, as it spreads across the soundscape… Or maybe you've been outside at a large concert event, where monitors and loudspeakers are spaced out across acres, and you can physically hear the sound of the person speaking at the mic arriving at different sets of speakers at slightly different times.

At the Millenial New Year's Eve I was physically at Short Mountain Sanctuary, one of many such places where Radical Faeries and neo-pagans have enormous Gatherings to celebrate the Solstices and the Equinoxes and other major Calendar points -- much in the way that human beings have gathered since the dawn of human history. (Think the Burning Man Gathering for the most mainstream, contemporary image...)

To make this long story a little shorter, let me move on.

Where Was I? The Congress is an astral place where the Ascended Masters and human Lightworkers gather en masse -- I experience this other-worldly place as being a similar type of event, like a huge outdoor concert -- like Lollapalooza, or Bonaroo, or Woodstock, Farm-Aid, Live-Aid. Now mix in the United Nations, and blow it out with more souls than you can wrap your mind around.

Here's an excerpt from an email I sent Jeff about the Congress, astral travel, and lucid dreaming:

I honestly have my dreamtime schedule so full that it's not that I don't have deep and profound experiences happening during my sleeping. I have on-going, intense healing activities that take place when I sleep. I have sort of re-routed some major activities, programming myself to under-go passive angelic healing during my sleep. I spend my unconscious hours in a kind of "clinic" by default where I am worked on by doctors on the other side. It's almost like chemo-treatments or something. I've been undergoing these treatments for 6 years. I assume that this is what's going on by default during my deep REM cycles.

During my "surfacing" sleep cycles, I go to a place called the Congress. You've heard a lot of deep trance channels talk about The Masters, The Emissaries of the Third Ray, there are some other names... I experience astral travels to this place on a pretty regular basis. I receive conscious updates from this Spirit Collective between 4am and 6am. If I have Messages to bring into my waking day, they are playing immediately upon waking.

So basically, I am very busy when I'm unconscious - I just don't have the usual fun, flighty, drug-trip experiences most people have. I don't feel badly about this. I still have an active, practical connection going on... I just don't seem to have room to introduce other intentional dream activities. Like for instance, lucid dreaming. I believe that's just a given. I rarely have any kind of dream activity I wouldn't consider lucid. So, I think what happens when I attempt lucid dreaming techniques is like asking my Guides to stop at the Foyer and hang out, instead of going all the way in...

The Congress -- Heaven's C-SPAN The Congress is like a 24 hour broadcast of a network of astral beings, angelic entities, spirit guides, mediums, human lightworkers. It's like a news-feed for the Collective Conscious -- there's always a bazillion souls hanging out in there, and there's always a Speaker -- someone who "has the floor" -- sometimes it's someone droning on, grandstanding, and I am more fascinated by those closest to me, the other souls immediately present next to me in the crowd.

The Pope Was There On several occasions, I experienced the Congress when the late beloved Pope John Paul, also a Marian devotee, was Speaking. I usually do not recognize the Speakers, and more often than not they communicate in a particular language, many of which I do not understand, but sometimes a person near me in the crowd will translate or generally let me know what's being talked about.

And YOU Were There... Many people have written to me or told me about dreams and visions which take place in an astral landscape or monumental building that resembles what I call the Congress.

For now, we must fast-forward through my personal Blessed Virgin Mother visitation. When I was considering starting this blog a year ago, I had been consciously aware of my active service to Her for about three years, struggling to find the courage to express Her purpose for me.

Dr. Meg Was There... Exactly one year ago, my dear friend John invited me to attend a group session in Atlanta led by deep-trance channel Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey. I'd never been to an event like that before; my spirit guides directed me to accept the invitation because I was to pick up some further important direction from the Ascended Masters that speak through Dr. Meg.

Before she went into her trance, Meg asked for questions from the group, and being at that point in my life [TOTALLY in the closet about my clairaudience] I grilled her about her personal role as a medium.

I don't know what John and the other people present experienced, but once the trance began and the Masters entered the space, I immediately recognized where we were -- the Congress.

I've described the two dozen or so in attendance that night as being like toddlers at a sandbox, with our spirit guides standing around us like proud parents or nannies watching us all play together. I recognized a LOT of the people who were physically present. I knew them.

Like Erin Pavlina's ultimatum from her guides, that she must step into her life purpose or risk fading away into a purely Third Dimensional existence, the Masters spoke directly to me with this Message:

"How long do you intend to stay in your Tower? You've worked so hard -- alone -- for so long to reach the place where you Know what you do. Now that you know, how long do you intend to keep this information to yourself, when so many others can benefit from your sharing it?"

And they gave this Message to the whole group, multiple times:

"You are already everything you've ever wanted to become. You fulfill your life purpose with every breath you take. You are the way by which God experiences itself."

There is so much more to this story. As with every article I post here, I am only scratching the surface, chasing after the longer, on-going story of my life, and the Messages for all of us.

I am communicating with spirit, all the time. You are communicating with spirit, too.

This web site -- this broadcast channel -- this techno-vessel is just one of the strands of the Web where we communicate. This is just my thread in the tapestry of the Stories and the Mysteries. At any time, you may weave the silver cord and the sky blue hyperlinks of your own voice into this Chorus of Consciousness, this great big ball of conversation we call the Web.

Doesn't It Sound Enormous? Way too big for such an ugly little word --blog.

Seek Wisdom - Practice Love

You're IT, Mandy! Gosh, where to go from here with the whole Why I Blog Tag Game? Jeff and I took it Out There... Starman and Major Tom...

There's someone I can call for a little Ground Control

My Journaling Mentor Mandy Markham Johnson -- I've truly been meaning to ask you.