One Question Email Reading — $150 US

One question. 3-day (72 hour) guaranteed turnaround time.

This reading is perfect if you have a big decision to make, need an answer fast, or just have one major question.

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For multiple questions, please book a phone reading with me:



Once you purchase, you will receive an email with complete and thorough instructions for your reading.

The clock starts when you send your email. You could receive an answer within hours.

I will email you twice: first to confirm I received your question; again with your answer.

I will begin working immediately, so no refunds will be given once you send in your question. If you think you need a refund, the charge is easily reversed before you send in your question.

I can offer this type of reading because of the speed with which they can be completed. In order to serve all of you, I cannot offer replies. If you want to speak at length and ask further questions, please book a phone reading with me.

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