Multiple Questions | 60-Minute Phone Consultation  $400 USD

An hour is the most comfortable amount of time for me to address multiple questions/ issues, as well as suggest actions, exercises, strategies, and plans you will want to enact on your own.

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For distance readings, nothing makes the connection more powerful than a conversation — listening and responding to another's voice in real time is priceless for me.

Although I do see imagery, I rely mostly on claircognizance and on clairaudience to retrieve information for you — these happen at great speed. Immediacy is a component of intuition.

I want to listen to your story, your issues, your questions in your voice in the moment.

Reading background material in advance does NOT help me access my intuition on your behalf — that engages the Thinking Mind and requires extra time between calls.

NOTE: Please do not email me your questions before your call.

You may of course email me about alternative arrangements or special issues you have around scheduling, technology, etc.

When you schedule a phone reading, I block out a full 60 minutes entirely dedicated to communicating with you about whatever you wish.

  • Ask as many questions as we have time for

  • Explore multiple topics / different areas of your life path and purpose

A live dialog works for me somewhat like a kind of sonar — I simultaneously project (speak) and listen on multiple levels. Even when I'm actively talking, I pick up on your energetic, emotional responses. I listen and I Listen. Conversation is a living energy we create together — a collaboration.

My readings feel like talking to a close friend.

After you make your purchase:

  • You receive an email with a download link to a PDF document with all the detailed instructions for scheduling your reading.

  • The PDF includes a link to my online schedule where you can choose a day and time displayed in your time zone. If you have special scheduling needs outside what you see available, please email me after your purchase and I guarantee I will find something that works for you. I do not share the schedule link before the reading is purchased.

  • There are alternative instructions for clients living outside the United States. For international calls, we will speak by Skype, Zoom, or Facebook Messenger.

  • If you wish to have the call recorded, regardless of your location, I can record calls via Skype. Please email me and let me know your intentions to record.

Schedule Your 60-Minute Phone Consultation  $400 USD

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If you have questions about the process or the type of reading you should get, please feel free to email me:

If you have one question or need to make a decision fast, consider booking an email reading.

Email reading: one question; 72 hour guaranteed turn around time. $175.