You need to know what you can do. And when it would be best to do it.

You’ve been meditating, manifesting, praying, not sleeping, sleeping with one eye open, vision-boarding, visualizing, always on the lookout for a Sign, the Synchronicity, the Contact who has the information you’re looking for, the Great Idea overheard at just the right time and place that it could only be a Message…

I hear those Messages.

I’m a “clairaudient” intuitive. The kind of psychic who hears things.

Words. Phrases. Names. Shining Sentences.

When you ask me to listen in — to eavesdrop, to hack into the Akashic Records and view your file — I can retrieve this information and help you decode it now. No more waiting for chance and blundering around wondering.

But you have to request it — your permission is the only way your guides will allow me access. It’s the secret password your reading requires.

We can pull enough information for you to keep your mission moving forward for the next six months, a year, maybe even longer. New options will reveal themselves and begin branching off in all directions as soon as you take any mindful course of action. There will be practical steps for you to take — actual actions down here in the real world — when you’re ready to implement them.

It’s okay if you can’t decipher these Messages on your own.

Don’t beat yourself up about that. No matter how spiritual, connected, plugged in, or motivated you are, every one of us needs someone objective and external to our situation to provide affirmation and clarity.

Since 2005, thousands of people have asked me to perform readings for them — and many of my repeat clients are professional intuitives themselves.


Praise from Anna Sayce

I have been having readings with Slade for a few years now. I work as a professional intuitive but find that no matter how intuitive you are, it can really help to have someone validate your intuition and shine a light in the darkness when you’re going through difficulties or uncertainty.

This is what Slade does for me in a reading.

Slade is a born spiritual counselor and intuitive. He brings qualities to his work that in my experience are not commonly found in this profession: wisdom, warmth, kindness, respect, and a very down to earth approach.

I know his intuitive read on situations is accurate and true because he puts words to dynamics and situations that I have not quite figured out at the time I get the reading, but it always makes total sense later on.

Occasionally an intuitive might give you info in a reading which can worry you with its warnings or interfere with your free will or path of learning – this is not how it is with Slade’s readings. He has respect for the human and spiritual path of learning and your current place on it. You never feel judged, ‘hurried along’ or disempowered after a session with Slade. On the contrary.

I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Slade as an intuitive reader. He’s accurate, honest, and a lovely person. That’s why I value his services highly and continue to work with him.

Anna Sayce

Your intuition is working right now.

You’re here reading this page because you are intuitive. Your guides are speaking to you.

There are Messages for you.

Suggestions. Directions. Options. Answers.

If you’re tired of spinning, if over-thinking is just leading to more confusion and paralysis, if waiting and wondering have become the exact opposite of investment and action…

Check your gut…

Is it time to talk to me?



one question email Reading — $150

One question. 3-day (72 hour) guaranteed turnaround time. Email only.

Perfect if you have a big decision to make, need an answer fast, or just have one major question.

60-Minute phone Reading — $300

If you have multiple questions, a one hour live call is the perfect option.

We can comfortably cover 3 to 5 questions with this amount of time.