1000 Magical Things

A kind of real magic any one of us can perform, a kind of magic I do believe has the power to change our experience of reality, if not reality itself.

"I promise if you keep searching for everything beautiful in this world, you will eventually become it." — Tyler Kent White


95 - 1000 Magical Things


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*this the Author's Draft ; not technically a full transcript

I promise if you keep searching for everything beautiful in this world, you will eventually become it. — Tyler Kent White

My hair stylist is, as many of them are, a down low psychotherapist. We were talking about someone miserable in my life She mentioned gratitude Our standing appointments every other week are mini summits between the New Age and New Christianity (hipster Christians we call them around here, not disparagingly.)

The Camp House

Anyway she told me about a Christian author, Ann Voskamp who wrote this contemplative book called 1000 Gifts I haven’t read it and probably won’t but I still like the idea

I am totally guilty of pessimism and negativity Double Scorpio grew up with a father who is a total Eeyore.

My Saturn Return had a lot to do with becoming aware of my negative perspective and how the voices I’d taken on were polluting my experience, my life, my capacity for joy

Seth taught me how to do this. I credit him with teaching me the power of reframing. Miraculously, at 22 years old, he was one of the wisest people I’d ever encountered and one of my most effective therapists … to this date. You hear me speak of him often. He’s the Gayle to my Oprah

Oprah helped really popularize and mainstream the concept of gratitude journaling

It’s connected to the practice of Julia Cameron's Morning Pages which were popularized around the same time period.

The Book of Faded Green was my first instinctive experiment — life changing

Years later, I used re-framing to change my relationship with Abundance and escape poverty

Even several years after that, it became The Money Shift

The concept of the exercise in The Money Shift can be adapted to any number of things you need to shift.

The name of this blog, this podcast SHIFT YOUR SPIRITS has always been at its core, a message about the power of reframing

It’s a kind of Neurolinguistic programming


The past year was really hard for me because of my relationship with one family member. Someone who married into my family. This is the person I was discussing with my stylist

I’ve never had “feuds” with anyone or falling out with any family members, not really I don’t fight with my brother

I’m a Leo — we are triggered by a desire to protect those we believe are in our charge…

Carrying around anger and outrage is debilitating

And it’s not like doing The Money Shift for one month means those negative voices never creep back in.

Reframing negative voices is chiropractic … shifting shifting shifting in the right direction, then back sliding with each little life encounter pulling in the other direction

I usually practice what people would call Gratitude Journaling in the car.

Driving allows me to look around and observe, and when I’m feeling desperately dark, I just start naming anything I like and can remark on positively

  • The clouds are cool today.

  • That tree’s beautiful.

  • I love seeing the mountains from this stretch of highway…

Anything I can grab onto to start that shift when I’ve forgotten myself.

I was just thinking about how I needed to do another round of more focused, intense, committed Gratitude Shifting when a meme popped up on Facebook

It says:

Did you know you can rewire your brain to be happy by simply recalling 3 things you’re grateful for every day for 21 days?

I thought, why yes. yes I do know some version of that concept if not this exact statistic. (Unverified by the way, but who cares, the spirit of it works for me.)

Susan Hyatt suggested it as a challenge to her Facebook friends and asked if others wanted to participate with her.

And like I needed anything else on my To Do list with a daily check in …

But the synchronicity was there and sometimes my spontaneous decisions are the best, so I just did it.

You may have seen me posting on my personal page or in the SYS group.

I missed a day - who cares - I just picked up where I left off.

I’m trying though to pick 3 DIFFERENT things every day and not just repeat versions of the same thing.

Because my stylist told me one of the things she loved most about reading this woman’s book who did the 1000 Gifts, was how much, after you run through the obvious list of things, you really have to contemplate and observe and reach into the most mundane moments of your life to find new sources of beauty.

For instance, she talked about being moved by a particularly meditative passage on washing dishes and observing the miraculous surface of soap bubbles.

And I thought YES, the magic in the mundane. that’s where real magic is found. I don’t want magic to be woo woo, nearly as much as I need it to be REAL

This is something Toni Morrison talks about and has been in my consciousness since I was a teenager.

So, I thought, yes, won’t it be interesting to see where you might go after 21 days. 3 items for 21 days is ONLY 63 items.

What will it take to discover 1000. If you keep doing 3 a day, it will take you 333 days

And that math makes me think of the power of the 3 x 3 strategy

And so I feel like this is a new magic spell we could do.

It has threads running through so many Shift Your Spirits themes and memes.

You could even do this as part of your Reboot — the free writing, journaling part of the process.

Finding a list of 1000 things at 3 per day would essentially be 3 Reboots.

And here’s the secret about the Reboot — you don’t stop after 3 months anyway, you do it indefinitely. That’s what happens when you fall into that practice and it becomes such a source of peace and energy.

No pressure if you want to take on this challenge.

Break it down in chunks.

Work it in stages.

This first part is 3 things per day for 21 days.

Let’s do that part first and see where it gets us.

And I think it might be cool if people post their daily gratitude in the Shift Your Spirits community. Hell, post that every day. Don’t be shy. Stick a cool picture. Nobody will be “annoyed.”

If anything, for lurkers and scrollers, it still impacts us because we see that, in the moment, and we see others commenting and chiming in, and maybe we do post ours or maybe we don’t.

But we think it. * What are mine? * What 3 things am I grateful for today?

Everyone’s shifting together. And what if it becomes a habit? What if it becomes like stopping to take deep breaths for a minute? Or stopping to correct your posture? Or to stand and move your body when you’ve been sitting for too long?

Listen, we are diving toward extinction of our species and the death of our planet. And when I started this blog, this platform, I believed we were on the verge of Ascensions

In the last 2 years or so … Hmm. I really worry that we are riding out the last days and we have shifted away from elevating the human race.

We need to pull out of this nose dive fast.

People shifting, in their own bubbles, shifting against one another … Shifting into each other, connecting, networking ... Shifting en masse.

Like the foaming clouds of soap bubbles in your kitchen sink...

That’s magic.

And I do believe that could change the world.

…there’s an Oracle message at the end of the audio episode…