Spirit Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters

Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are human souls who, although not incarnate at the present time, have chosen to assist those who are living as part of their own spiritual development.

  • Spirit guides have previously incarnated as human beings.
  • Spirit guides have lived an earthly experience (just as you are living, right now).
  • Spirit guides have worn physical bodies.
  • Spirit guides may still present as having a human gender.
  • Spirit guides often have decidedly human personalities.

Spirit guides have known the same complex power that all human souls must wield -- free will.


  • Angels have never officially incarnated or lived as human beings (although in some circumstances, they may physically manifest, assume a temporary humanoid form, or take illusory human bodies).
  • Angels technically have no gender (although human history and lore surrounding angels often gives them predominantly male names and characteristics; many works of art and contemporary illustrations depict angels as decidedly female or male).
  • Angels do not have the free will tested in a human context and experience.
  • Angels exist at a different spiritual frequency, on a higher dimension of reality, closer to the Source energy of the Creator.

Ascended Masters

Ascended masters are human beings who have ascended or transcended the human experience. These souls have "graduated" (for lack of a better word) but have chosen to continue working for the ascension of the entire human race.

Ascended Masters are sometimes called Master Teachers. Many, if not all, of history's most well-known prophets, martyrs, and saints are among this group.

A simplification of the basic ways these different types of entities affect our lives:

  • Spirit guides counsel, advise, and retrieve information.
  • Angels physically guard, protect, deliver prayers, and perform interventions and miracles.
  • Ascended Masters are human souls who manage campaigns; they organize the Bigger Pictures; they direct larger groups of spirit guides, guardian angels, and living human beings within the context of their special agendas.
  • Archangels hold similar positions of influence and power as Ascended Masters, but they are not (nor have they ever been) human.

Human souls may ascend to the role of spirit guides or master teachers, but they do not become angels.

Spirit Guides are not

  • Spirit guides are not angels.
  • Spirit guides are not ghosts or earthbound spirits.
  • Spirit guides are not anyone you have known in this lifetime who has recently crossed over.

Spirit guides are the least likely type of spirit entity to manifest physically.

Phenomena such as full-body apparitions or orbs -- balls of light or energy that are visible to the eye and sometimes able to be captured with photography and other sensitive equipment -- are probably manifested by either ghosts or angels, depending on the context or circumstances.


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