Where Do Your Spirit Guides Get Their Looks?

Your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels are in drag.

This is a continuation of comments I made on Erin Pavlina's blog...

We have a tendency to over-intellectualize our intuitive abilities. Our "trying" is often pushing the river

Spirit entities take their names and their appearance from the same place. As a medium who does regularly receive names from individual entities who step forward to speak on a Questioner's behalf, I'd like to comment on what my Guides have told me regarding explanations for the individual "physical" characteristics -- the personification -- they display.

"How come y'all are always so pretty and talk so fancy?" I asked my Guides this suspiciously.

You hear stories of malevolent entities disguising themselves as beautiful, silver-tongued creatures, who tell you what you want to hear, to seduce you...

[How to tell for sure if this is the case is another conversation for another article, another time.]

Anyway, when I asked them to explain to me why they were always beautiful, they told me:

"Because you see us that way."

Spirits take associations from us. They modify themselves; things like appearance or names are somewhat like costumes they find in the attic trunks of our minds.

If you had asked me when I was a child who my Guardian Angel looked like, I would've said she looked like Julie Newmar as Catwoman, on the Batman TV series.

Incidentally, my mother, at that time, could've been described as looking the same way.

Today, I woud tell you that my Guardian Angel Jane reminds me more of Annie Lennox, or Nicole Kidman in the movie Birth. You might say she looks like Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby. What these actresses all have in common, in those specific roles, are red hair, pixie haircuts, elfin adrogynous features...

Angels have no gender -- though many describe them as looking like either effeminate, pretty men, or boyish women.

Again, it all depends on your personal associations. I have told at least two reading clients that they have Joy Guides that remind me of Cameron Diaz. One client's Guide reminded me of Cameron Diaz in Something About Mary, and on a different occasion, another sitter had a Guide that reminded me of Cameron in My Best Friend's Wedding.

Not surprisingly, the client herself remarked that, in her own meditations, she picked up someone who reminded her of Drew Barrymore in The Wedding Singer.

I can see how these characters or personas are similar. Who might she remind YOU of...

Another example: I did a reading for a guy and picked up on two Guides -- one I described as looking like Russell Crowe in Gladiator, the other as Mel Gibson in Braveheart.

The Gladiator communicated with me and introduced himself as David; the other Guide sort of ignored me.

When I relayed this to the client, he said that he had connected on his own with a Scottish individual named Desmond.

The similarity between the two D-names and their personas was easy to confuse. But on further investigation, my recommendation was that we were both right -- we'd just talked to two different entities.

Most of my Guides seem to have British Accents. I extrapolated what they'd already told me about their appearance, and deduced that I, being a student of English Literature and a writer, associate my British Literary Heroes with wisdom and command of language.

Archetypes and Myths Stories and their Characters are ancient expressions of our collective consciousness.

In the modern, media-saturated global culture, Hollywood is our Mount Olympus.

"Marilyn Monroe as Aphrodite...Discuss amongst yourselves!"

My inner Camille Paglia is showing. Put girlfriend and me in a room with a tank of coffee and we would redefine the concept of a Marathon Chat.

The Archetypes, the Stories, and the Names It's hard to say which comes first -- the Collective Consciousness or our personal associations. They clearly feed off one another.

Not all benevolent entities identify with names -- personal guardian angels rarely do; the Archangels have histories in human myth and tradition that establish their names, but that question is kind of a "which came first - the chicken or the egg?" issue…

Like the names we give our pets, spirits may not call themselves what we call them, yet they seem open to being named if it helps us process the relationship with them.

Naming Is Very Powerful I refer to naming as the First Spell -- the most basic and powerful building block of language -- the greatest human technology.

Language is also the basis of our spiritual power -- it is our most common magical gift. Naming is the assignment given to mankind by God as our participation in exploring and experiencing Creation.

Name it. Claim it. Make it so. I encourage everyone to experiment with willfully naming the spiritual entities they connect with, if necessary, if it helps you to create, maintain, and development a working relationship with them.

I emphasize your creative action and your personal empowerment in this process of discovery. You don't need someone else to write the script of your life for you -- that's dangerous. You must be the star and the author of your own life.

Bottom line: You are the Casting Director

I do agree with Erin that getting too caught up on the name should not become a micro-management distraction factor that causes you to miss out on the Bigger Picture of why they are interacting with you in the first place.

You don't have to know a stranger's name to be saved by him or receive a life-changing message.