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Tony MasielloGuest Author Tony Masiello shares a personal story of psychic ability, automatic writing, and how his paranormal experiences, along with the guidance of a Spirit Entity named David, led him to his Life Purpose. Feeling like the "odd man out" was something I grew up with. I thought my thoughts and actions were normal of any young boy but in time I found out that they weren't.

First of all, I only spoke Italian for the first 10 years of my life. English was very hard for me to grasp in school. On top of that I had been born with club feet and wore leg braces for many years after I had surgery as a young boy. With those two things against me and being an only child, I was very lonely.

And then added to that I was also psychic. I often knew when things were going to happen before they occurred. One day my grandmother told me that I had a gift that had been handed down through the generations. She told me not to be afraid of my gift, but to use it wisely to help others.

I have been through many learning experiences in my life. My psychic abilities have been put on the back burner many times to live in the so-called 'real world'. But over the last five years I have embraced my psychic abilities and brought them to the forefront. I am now living my purpose and fulfilling my dreams to help others.

You can read more about me at www.universalinsight.com

Automatic Writing Another facet of my life began in the late 70's.

I was left alone with my thoughts one day after meeting with a local metaphysical group. We were into metaphysics before it was even 'cool'. Suddenly I had all of these thoughts in my head and I began writing them on a napkin.

I had written this? When I was finished I looked at what I had written and couldn't quite grasp it.

I had written this?

Now, you must understand that I don't consider myself a writer. I can't spell to save my life, my grammar is bad, and words don't flow easily for me.

But this writing was different, it clearly was not anything that came from me.

A Spirit Guide Named David As I began to write more, the name of David would pop in and out of my consciousness and even some of my writings were signed with that name.

I must believe that I am being guided by an entity named David.

I have never questioned this or tried to find out more, I just accept it.

Because to question is to doubt and if I were to begin to do that, the writings would stop.

My wife and I once had a very interesting experience involving David. We went out of town for a little trip and had asked the elderly ladies that lived below us in our duplex to check on our cat.

After we had left, the ladies heard footsteps coming from our apartment and knowing that we had left they called our number. A man answered the phone and when our neighbor asked "Tony, is that you?"

The man answered, "No, this is David."

I must admit, that still kind of gives me the heebie-jeebies!

The Words That Did Not Come From Me Over the past 30 years I had kept my writings in a folder and would take them out from time to time, especially when I needed a lift. I was (and still am) amazed by the words on the paper that are in my handwriting, but clearly do not come from me.

Over five years ago after a devestating blow to my business, I dug them out again, needing a lift. On a whim I sent them to a friend that I had recently met on the internet. He urged me publish them in e-book form.

Whispers from the Universe It was a long process but about a year ago it was ready. My pages of tattered and yellowed paper had become something I never would have imagined. My e-book was aptly titled, Whispers from the Universe and I am still fulfilling my purpose and dreams to help others through my automatic spiritual writings.

You can read my very first automatic writing and more at http://www.whispersbook.com

Tony Masiellos's Websites: www.whispersbook.com www.universalinsight.com

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