Going off the Grid

I'm at a Beltane Gathering this week -- from Saturday, April 28th - Thursday, May 3rd. I will be completely "off the grid," so comments left on my site during this time may go unpublished until I return to approve them. I will catch up on email as quickly as possible next weekend.

Six days with no cell phone, no laptop, no web connection -- it's a challenge, as well as a spiritual retreat, for someone who lives and works more in this virtual universe than in the physical one.

I'm big on seasonal projects and yearly reboots -- sometimes the best way for me to move forward, with energy and focus, is not to plod on at a steady pace, but to completely STOP once in awhile, and totally remove myself.

I guess that's why they call it a retreat, huh?

Until then, go find a May pole and a bonfire, dance in rings and feel your spring --

We are the Ribbons

Seek Wisdom -- Practice Love