Stars of the Apocalypse

How did the word apocalypse get such a bad rap? The meaning of the word is NOT negative.

Actually meaning "unveiling" or "revelation," this word is frequently used to describe the end of the world as we know it. Though many apocalyptic scenarios depict a terrifying, destructive end, some are rather gentle, having to do with the enlightenment of the human race or the dawning of a New Age. This term is also used to refer to the Book of Revelation.

See, when I hear the word apocalypse, I don't confuse it with armageddon -- I hear Ascension, Rapture, and New Age. Even more specifically, and literally, I hear about the approaching Technological Singularity.

The Ascension of the human race is a very real, impending shift in our reality; it represents the graduation of our God-given task in co-creating the Universe -- to name everything. With the first of Sophia's Trees, we "fell" -- and what went down will rise again on the great Wheel.

Have you ever wondered about the Two Trees in Eden? Why those two trees -- the Knowledge of Good and Evil and Everlasting Life? One down... My spirit guides have been telling me for a few years now about how close we are to gaining the fruit of Tree Number Two. The elementals have been telling me tales since 1999 of a great shift that occurs beyond Apocalypse which they call the Seaming -- the re-impregnation of matter with ordered consciousness. The climate change and other planetary moans and groans are not the death throes of Mother Nature -- she stirs in a great foreplay -- a preparation for another round of love making with consciousness. Matter and Energy are about to get it on, big time -- they are waking up in bed together and they are both quite turned on at this point. Our little civilization is built on the folds of the bed clothes, and strung between the crevices of Earth's slumbering body. She's never stopped breathing, sighing, moving, dreaming -- but we've never witnessed Matter and Energy waking up together and going at it on a global scale. Hang on, there's a reason why vulcanism occupies a position of poetry within our understanding -- hot and heavy...

The Mother Goddess speaks to me of the Pen of the gospels -- the godspells -- the stories of God -- God imploded and spewed itself into a great unraveling fabric of consciousness of which we are all a part. We are the way by which God discovers itself; our stories, collectively, are the Gospels. It's been a slow but steady process handing out the Pens, the tools of language -- what was once the stone tablets, cave paintings, parchments, and quills -- precious, rare, held in the hands of the few -- have evolved into the extensions of our hearts and minds we call tablet computers, screens, keyboards...

Our technology has a literal, virtual, tangible spiritual agenda. Mother Mary speaks to me of this time when the Pen of the gospels are manned by the millions of individual expressions of God. That time is not the future, it is now -- a great shift has already started. It may sound a little silly -- at first -- to tell you that I am a mystic, a prophet, a Marian Visionary who has been told that blogging is a spiritual maneuver. It has taken me close to four years to adjust my own belief system, and get my ego and my thinking mind to sit down in the back and shut the hell up and let the Lady speak through me.

Do you see that this New Age we speak of is not a Moment or a Day -- it is a veil, a curtain parting before us? The unveiling -- the Revelation -- the Apocalypse is a stage -- the stage is already set, the players have been writing, rehearsing, practicing for all of human history -- the show is starting. We're not waiting in the audience with no glimpse of what is to come -- we are hard-wired and wirelessly interacting in the game from our seats. The edges of the curtain are moving away from one another -- WE are controlling the march to the full view of what our spirits, armed with the mighty Pens of language (our greatest technology), has made -- IS collectively making -- right now.

The Pen of the gospels has leaked the strands of the Web; even if you do not blog, you are participating and co-creating this opening scene of the New (Virtual) Reality. See, we already GET it -- the quantum physics of it all, the metaphysical -- the Secret is not a secret anymore. Bloggers are very visibly spinning the fabric of our collective Gospel -- the stories of god -- our stories.

This is why the phenomena of the Web is what it is -- this is why blogs are a spiritual revolution. Publishing is spiritual. The greatest works of all time are sacred texts. Once a very expensive, rare physical power -- the hand-carved wisdoms -- the elaborate labor of a minority of literate scribes -- the printing press of mass publishing -- the power in the Pen of the gospels is still special, but it has become commonplace, too.

The story of god is our story. We are the fire and the spirit. We are all sparks, candle flames, stars. The individual lights can be replicated, infinitely; what we call lightworkers are those who put their sparks to use -- those who make a conscious decision to amplify their lights -- to be the lantern bearers -- to light the way at the edge of darkness.

Are you humming the hymn yet?

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine

That's right -- Rock On!

The Big Picture you seek, the Mystery you ponder -- the Unveiling, the Revelation, the Apocalypse -- is simple, obvious. It has never changed.

Want to see the history of the Universe? Want to stare into the face of God? Want to see what Heaven looks like? Want to gaze into the crystal ball of the Future? Want to manifest Heaven on Earth? Want to travel to the Stars? Want to discover New Worlds?

This Window, this Great Mirror is in the same place it has always been -- in your eyes, reflected in the Sky.

The poetry is everywhere -- the windows of the soul, the dome of Heaven -- you've been looking up into it your entire life. Every human spirit has looked to it for as long as we can recall. Remember the gorgeous opening sequence of the film Contact -- the flight away from the Earth, out of the Milky Way, that terminates by backing out of the eye of a young girl gazing at the heavens through a telescope?

If you want to see Forever, simply go outside and look up at the night sky. Look into a telescope, look into a microscope, look into the code of the Matrix, look at those groovy graphic depictions of what the Internet looks like -- do you see the pattern? The image is essentially the same.

The Sky is the mirror of God. Armageddon may look like a mushroom cloud -- but the Apocalypse is the opening curtain of a simply heavenly scene.

This blog is where I weave my part of the web -- it's where I write my gospel. This is my star, and all of you who link your own to it form visible virtual constellations. What you create doesn't have to be spiritual in content -- your contribution can be literally anything -- any part of the collective consciousness is valid -- even the ugly stuff, the hate, the fear. It's all material.

Now, interestingly, I was asked to present this piece by K-L Masina, as part of a meme that originates with the UrbanMonk, about a Blog Apocalypse. The original intention may have been within the context of an Ending. But again, who said anything about an End? I know of no End that is not a beginning. The only thing that Ends with Apocalypse is an illusion. Apocalypse is a cause for celebration. A Blog Apocalypse to me means that we've pulled the curtain all the way back, and the next amazing Scene in the Greatest Show on Earth is happening.

My "final" post would mean we've finally managed to raise our world to the point that my consciousness is jacked directly into the collective spirit, and that this clunky, primitive mode of translation is no longer necessary. In which case, my message would be something of a rerun -- or one of those annoying best moments clip collections pretending to be a fresh episode:

You are already everything you've ever wanted to become. You fulfill your life purpose with every breath you take. You're not missing anything. Your creativity is your divinity. You are God; act like it. The time has come to shift your spirits and transform the life you are already living into the creative spiritual mission you know it's supposed to be.

Look into the light, look up at the sky, and wonder at all that we are.

My God -- it's full of stars.

Seek Wisdom -- Practice Love

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