Guns, Money and Prayers

Spiritual contemplation, the work of self-improvement, the opportunity to create are all luxuries of abundance. If you are even here, reading my posts, interested in pursuing your life purpose and following your spiritual path, you are by default experiencing great wealth of opportunity. When your basic, third-dimensional needs for survival (shelter, food, money) are not being met it's nearly impossible to graduate toward the concerns of the soul.

While this awareness has been running through my mind for months (years, now), the dire situation in Haiti this week has underlined this acknowledgment with exclamation points, turned up this Message to an almost excruciating decibel.

Do you not feel the noise of it in the Collective Mind? Even if you think you might shield yourself by turning the channel on the news coverage, can you really attempt to be plugged in and not be inevitably aware?

Perhaps you feel "guilty" about the impact you can make, that your challenges and concerns for business-as-usual seem petty by comparison. Your having less, denying your abundance, dialing down your vibration to match the lowest common denominator does not make the world a better place. The most likely expression of your power is to expand that which you have, which you know -- it's the basic significance of gratitude.

One of the ways you can make the world a better place, ensure the steady atrophy of misery, is by choosing consciously NOT to be miserable.

Don't shun the fortune that you have, don't send it away in shame or guilt -- celebrate it; share it. Acknowledge it, call out to it, for more of it... For whatever blessings you would pray come to you, pray for all to know them.

The Duality of Heroism There are basically two archetypal stories of the Hero:

  • The Hero who fights evil; slays the dragon; vanquishes the demon.
  • The Hero who intervenes; lends power; rescues; saves.

I believe there is a potential tipping point of human beings, at soul level, who will choose Heroism given the opportunity -- and I believe that a significant number of us in "first-world" countries would also prefer to enact the second myth of the Hero Who Saves.

Isn't a bit of a no-brainer when we compare what the physical power of the United States and our allies might use to conquer, versus to rescue? I'm struck by what our soldiers can accomplish, and how obvious the two-handed choice is...

Even with the strongest urge to Save, we feel helpless -- what can we do but pray and send money (and our guns)?

Don't knock these options -- prayers and money have profound impacts, in multiple dimensions.

Like you, I've already texted those $10 donations and contributed my healing energy and my prayers. For the last couple of years now I have tithed 10% of the money I make from doing readings and selling courses to a variety of charities. I don't "jump up and down" about it -- and I do this partly from a sense of duty, but even more because I believe it generates great karma and contributes to my own material success.

Just wanted you to know that for the month of January, I'm pledging 10% of all my readings and products directly to Haiti relief efforts.