Momentum Before Inspiration

A body at rest tends to stay at rest. God knows, after a month of recovering from surgery, Holiday downtime, and a post-Baby Jesus/Baby New Year sinus infection...

...My eyes are bleeding from all the HGTV... I've traveled Middle Earth for the umpteenth time on TNT... I've come away with the conclusion that I will choose from:

  • House #1 -- a spacious open floor plan almost entirely made up of porches supported by Elvish pillars in Rivendell
  • House #2 -- a Candace Olson renovation of a condo with a view in a transitional cliff-side neighborhood just beneath the Citadel in Gondor where I can walk up to visit that pretty gnarly Tree
  • House #3 -- a rambling, single-story underground mansion in a nice tree-topped brugh between the Bucklebury Ferry and Hobbiton

I've discovered that I am not at all dependent on the granite countertops, cherry-wood cabinetry, and stainless steel appliances that 99.9% of the human population seems to require -- where are the kitchen-witch kitchens with bricks and twig furniture and sprigs of herbs drying everywhere and wildflower-sod shingles, and those lovely round doorways?

Dear Suzanne Whang, let me know when they send you to the Shire...

Super digression... Where was I?

I'm really tired of resting. I'm a little bit sick of healing.

Wait for Inspiration?

Okay, Universe! Feel free to move me at any time! No, make that sooner than later. Now would be peachy.

Wouldn't it be fabulous to return to my work with some luscious big bang of pageantry and pomp? I'd love to show up in your in-box or feed reader today, soaker-guns pumped, horns a-blaring, fires blazing, and hit you with a new-decade-worthy whammy of content...

Are you waiting for Inspiration to create your Momentum?

It's nice when inspiration comes first and drives the repetitive actions that build momentum -- and it often does -- but what do you do when it does not?

Do you keep waiting for inspiration before you proceed? Inspiration is ephemeral, intellectual, intangible. Inspiration has very little to do with action, form, or function. Inspiration is a ghost without a body, a wisp of a soul with no vessel to move through or make an impact on the third-dimensional world.

I find that I can still be quite productive without initial inspiration -- I define the necessary actions that create momentum and just go through those motions... Inspiration usually catches up with me down the road.

Inspiration seems to favor speed, action, momentum, and high vibrations. I seek the Flow, the Groove first -- even when I'm not feeling it (yet).

A body in motion tends to stay in motion.

Shift Your Vibration First

Remember when we talked about how simple, repetitive actions can be all that is required to effectively shift your vibration?

It's called getting in gear. You can't start out in second or third gear -- you've got to move through first gear for a bit. And if your parking brake is on and you're waiting for fifth gear to happen before you start rolling... What kind of sense -- what kind of crazy expectation -- is that?

Start Out in First Gear

  • Your intentions probably feature visions of cruising along in fourth or fifth gear, right?
  • What are the required first-gear actions?

Depending on your intentions, goals, resolutions, first-gear actions be something like:

  • Clearing last year's clutter from your workspace
  • Going to the gym and signing up for a trial membership
  • Printing out some new recipes you found on the internet to support your new eating habits
  • Downloading and installing the new software that will power your creative project
  • Getting a tutorial to walk you through launching that blog you've kept in the planning stages for too long

The question to ask yourself: Can someone else witness my actions? If so, then you are in gear.

My first- and second-gear actions are pretty simple: (I've been doing them for years -- you are witnessing one at this very moment.)

  • I listen in to the Collective, compare the energy patterns I find among all of us to my own, then I simply share my observations through the filter of my personal experience. It's a fairly simple weekly action called a post, and not all of them need to be "brilliant," nor can I predict who they will find or to whom they will effectively speak.
  • I focus my observations on the spirit guides of individuals who ask me to listen in and translate messages just for them.
  • I talk shop with other professional intuitives and we pick each other's brains about our practice. I offer my advice and experiences to those who want to learn from me.

All my simple, "low-gear" actions are essentially simple acts of connecting and communicating.

The inspiration often comes after and/or because of these simple acts. If I wait on Inspiration before initiating the simple acts that lead to Momentum, we may both remain lost in our private vacuums of inertia.

What actions do you know you can take, right now -- with or without hardcore inspiration -- to induce the movement that will carry you forward?

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