Meet Me at The Wrecking Ball

I'm diving into change. I'm shifting my spirits, my business, and my virtual presence. That's where all the fretful recent posts are coming from -- The Art of Surrender -- and yesterday's crytic Who You Are Becomes You. Who You Are Becomes You was actually pure transcription. I normally don't share my personal channeled messages -- I digest them, use them, and labor over them to write articles. I decided to just go ahead and toss that one to you in its raw format... for whatever it's worth. If it left you scratching your head a bit, thinking maybe I'd gone off the deep end...

Well, I am about to make a leap. It's a huge decision for me, but Change comes, the Flow keeps flowing, and faced with a wave, I try to remember All Is As It Should Be... I put on a swimsuit, hold my nose, cry Geronimo, and jump for joy.

My new web site is ready and Shift Your Spirits is moving. You know how Moving can be... Keep your fingers crossed for me, send me your good thoughts, pray for my speedy, easy transition -- and I'll see you as soon as I can.

Watch for me to resurface at

If the Wrecking Ball has shown up in an area of your life -- thank God for the change you've been praying for.

Seek Wisdom -- Practice Love