Is there a connection between the identity of your Spirit Guides and your Natal Astrology Chart?

Based on the recent increase in intuitive readings I've been doing to help you identify the name of your spirit guides and what areas of your life those guides are here to help you with, I've observed some patterns that I feel suggest a connection between your Natal Astrological Chart and the Spirit Guides who attend you.

Why do I ask for Birth Information when I do a Reading?

I ask for exact Date, Time, and Location of birth from each person who requests a reading. There are a few reasons why I do this:

  • I grew up in a family that speaks Astrology - I am very familiar with the vocabulary
  • I am fairly accomplished at reading charts, translating and synthesizing the information, and communicating it in plain language
  • your natal chart is the spiritual equivalent of a Social Security Number - it identifies you and only you, like your fingerprints and the color patterns in the irises of your eyes. Even your twin will have a slightly different, unique Chart, because of exact birth times.
  • The Akashic Record seems to be the common information referenced by a variety of entities - your Natal Chart corresponds to your Sacred Contract - a document that your soul created prior to incarnation to serve as the program of study and experience you intend to be your Life's Purpose or your Mission on Earth. It was drafted in counsel with the entities you chose to assist you in your spiritual mission. It serves as a Map, a Mission Statement, and a Reference Point. It can be accessed by your Guides on your behalf, regardless of whether you have any memory or conscious knowledge of it - kind of like a living will that your loved ones and legal representatives can use as a touchstone for making important decisions on your behalf, as you intended, even if you are unable to speak or think for yourself.
  • Your Astrological Natal Chart is a kind of third-dimensional facsimile of your Sacred Contract - the best reproduction or translation of your unique Akashic Record that we can hope to get our hands on, from This Side...

Selective Eclectic Spirituality

I strive to be truly eclectic. I believe in everything a little bit, and I will use any tool that works. Truths are universal - across religious, social, ethnic, and time barriers. A valuable pearl of wisdom in one tradition has a comparable, eerily similar, pretty-little chunk in all the others.

Synthesis - Creative Combinations

I consider myself a selective eclectic - I synthesize. There is nothing new under the sun except for the unique way you choose to put all the ingredients together.

The Spiritual-but-not-Religious Build-Your-Own MegaBar

It's like a Spirituality Megabar - we all leave the table and line up with a clean plate, and meet back to chow down and discuss over our own unique salad creations. Some of us like a tiny bite of everything. We have our favorites and take an extra spoonful of those items. Some things don't agree with us - we know this from past experiences - we form associations from our last digestive episode that direct all future choices - maybe you threw up when you were 4 after scarfing down some macaroni salad and for the rest of your life, just the site of elbow-shaped pasta makes you want to hurl...

Abundant Potential - Creative Choice

Use what works for you. Get creative, get inventive. There's no such thing as the perfect pizza topping combination that we all can agree on. One of the beauties of Abundance and Creativity is Potential and the Choices we make.

A Slice of Spirit

All our options are fragments of All of That Is. Each of the tools available to us can be useful in combination and in context. A slice of plain cheese may get you there, but you know, I think today I need to slap some black olives and a few banana peppers on there to make it happen...

Spiritual MapQuest

When a Questioner approaches me with a specific issue, a pattern of challenges, or an area he wants to focus on, the vocabulary of Astrology provides an initial set of directions and landmarks that will take me to the general vicinity of what's happening:

  • Conflicts, disputes, anger management - I check to see where Mars is hanging out.
  • Romantic relationships - I look at your Venus and your Moon.
  • Challenges that keep presenting themselves - I look at your Saturn.
  • Ideal Occupations - I know that your Ascendant is going to play a profound role in predetermining how best to package who you are and what you're all about and communicating that to other people in a way that uses your social strengths...

I actually spend a lot of time studying your Saturn and the aspects it creates with everything else in your Chart - Saturn is central to your Life's Purpose, the Big Major Challenge you came here to wrestle with, that bump in your road that keeps showing up and getting harder and harder each time to ignore...

Great, so how exactly does all this Astro-babble relate to your Spirit Guides?

Well, this is an area of research for me. I am certainly noticing patterns between the Charts of the people I read for and the traits that their Guides display.

Here are some General off-the-top-of-my-head examples of correlations I've observed and noted between the details of your Natal Astrology Chart, your major Transits, and the Spirit Guides who attend you:

  • Ascendent or Rising Sign - direcly relates to the personality traits or appearance exhibited by your Guides. Usually, long-term or Primary Guides, who have been around you most of your life and don't show any signs of moving on to other assignments.
  • Saturn, your Achilles' heel - the major life challenge that keeps rearing its ugly self in the form of ever-evolving higher hurdles and thicker brick walls - the issue you seem to need the most help with, the Thing you need to learn most, corresponds with the expertise of your Guide. It only makes sense that if you came to master a particular lesson through the experience of life in this dimension, you arranged for someone with expertise and past accomplishments in that area to come through and coach you, to whisper in your ear drawing on their own past life lessons and accomplishments. For example, if you need to develop self-esteem, you have a Guide assigned to this area who has tons of Leo energy and a successful history in typically Leo social roles.
  • Lightworkers - those called to a Spiritual Path - have Water very prevalent in their charts.
  • Those we would describe as Old Souls - especially the earliest Indigos - share a North Node in Pisces.
  • A Shared North Node between two people indicates a karmic relationship or past lifetime together.
  • People with Ascendent in Scorpio tend to have strong Guides coming through self-identifying with past lives as ministers, mystics, priests, nuns, clerics, monks, etc...
  • Joy guides have personas that clearly mesh with your Moon/Ascendent combination.
  • Major planetary transits through your Chart - especially the challenging ones - are attended by short-term Guides who come in temporarily, guns-blazing, do their thing, and once they've seen you through, move on to someone else who needs them for a similar crisis...

Thanks for Coming!

My subscriber list has been growing quickly over the past week - I'm very grateful to be smack in the middle of doing a lot of readings and because of the information submitted by those who have joined, I'm able to make these observations.

I whole-heartedly thank you for participating!

I am eager to continue this research and start building my database with greater focus and intention. I will keep you posted with anything interesting that emerges.

Attack of The Purple People

I am currently gathering my thoughts to report on the overwhelming numbers of Indigo children who are streaming in right now, looking for information... Many of you come fully-loaded with spiritual experiences and hard-earned wisdom beyond your years, and a hunger for more that just delights the holy hell out of me : )

[Yeah, maybe it's my gutter-mouth that grabbed your attention - or at least you guys aren't scared away by it... ]

You Indigo kids are rocking the world - literally - and I can't think of a better bunch to host a big old Light Party for. Anyway, there are some posts definitely coming up just for you.

Invite your friends... I'm going to go listen to Prince's Purple Rain now.

P.S. - Attention Mediums and Astrologers

While we're on the subject, are there any other mediums/astrologists out there who have observed these kinds of patterns?

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