Democracy - Blame It On The Man

It's hard to see the synergy of collective human thought and attention as it is occurring but of course the manifested results of the phenomenon are all around us.

Collective Creative Power

We ultimately get what we wish for, we create our lives in concert, in collaboration, in compromise with everyone else.

It's easy to say "Don't look at me, I didn’t vote for that…"

Blame it on The Man.

Who is The Man? The Man is man multiplied to the power of everyone - a gollum, a hive mind, the collective unconscious.

Power must be given.

Power is a currency that we all contribute to - we pool our power - and elect the minority who wield it. In a democratic [well, Republican] society, this is our institutionalized basis for government.

Sanctifying the Rules

Power becomes sanctified when it is Written Down. It's in the Rulebook.

Who makes the Rules? We all do. If some power or freedom is allowed or disallowed -- who is Allowing it? We all are. We choose individuals to represent us, but wielding power is not the same thing as being powerful.

We are all individually powerful.

Power is distributed - it must be massed -- collected -- and focused to become massively effective. Power must be acknowledged and believed in by everyone it affects in order to exist.

Leaders are actually servants.

It's not entirely the fault of the Servants/Leaders that they've forgotten where the power originally came from or that they view themselves as the Source. The Source comes through each one of us, in equal measure; we are all responsible.

The Same Flame

When you light candles from bonfires, the bonfire doesn't shrink. And the same size candle - the same body that burns - has an identical volume of flame.

Throw all the candles together on a pile of wood, and the volume of flame adjusts to the size of the body which burns.

But it's all the same flame. It can be duplicated, cloned, distributed - like fire, spirit is virtually infinite, as long as it has something to burn.

Energy is neither created nor destroyed. It can be moved around, it can be massed.

If we all step to a house-size pile of timber and touch it with our individual candle flame, and then step back away from it, it is too easy to look at the flame we still hold as an individual, compare it to the bonfire and say "That's not my flame. My flame is small."

The Burning Man

Your thoughts and prayers contribute to the democratic act of creating The Man. You have a choice to contribute or not, but you can not contribute and then deny your responsibility or involvement.

If you are living and thinking, then your flame has the power to burn. No one can use it or add it to their own without your permission. No one can take it from you - the power to extinguish is the domain of Death alone.

Even Death can only relocate that flame to another dimension, another environment. It can remove you from the vicinity - from the third dimension of flammable material.

As long as you remain in this dimension you bear the burden of fire.

We are all born with an equal amount of spiritual power - it can be given away continuously without being depleted.

A victim is someone who is repeatedly choosing to contribute their power to another. In order for someone to have power over another -- for a small minority of people to wield a disproportionately large firepower -- they must be elected to this position. They must either willfully convince others to contribute, or gleefully accept, the gift of power.

It takes a village to raise a child - it takes a nation to allow a tyrant.

Revolutions are often a return to the mob rule. But all Power Over requires a consensus decision, whether consciously or not.

If you have chosen to be a victim, it's because someone has told you that's what you are and you have chosen to believe them.

An oppressor with no one to play with doesn't have much of a game on his hands.

To fight is to agree to play.

It takes two.

We are all one.