How to Read Auras

Image - How to Read AurasThe How to Read Auras audio class is now available for download! Featuring an Alternative Method for scanning energy and reading auras that absolutely anyone can learn — even if you don’t think you’re all that “clairvoyant.”

I don’t see auras in a “classic” way at all.

For years, I told myself “I must not be very clairvoyant” because I didn’t see energy or auras around people in the way I always saw them depicted or heard them described. But, then, I studied with a clairvoyant teacher who immediately showed me -- with this one simple shift in perspective -- an unrecognized ability to read auras and interpret the meanings of Messages in the form of spiritual colors.

Release what you “think” you “should” see when scanning a person's energy. Auras don’t necessarily conform to the shape of a body or look anything like the imagery you usually see associated with auras in New Age illustrations.

If you can picture a scene in your Mind’s Eye when you’re reading a story or a novel, then you can absolutely use this Alternative Method to scan, read, and interpret a client’s aura.

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