The Discomfort Zone

In the body -- your most powerful, portable divination tool -- it can be difficult to distinguish between the discomfort of fear versus excitement. In order to grow, to expand, to develop, to pursue a higher calling or to manifest great change, feeling some discomfort is inevitable. Especially in the context of taking on a Big Goal, being nudged outside your Comfort Zone is more the spirit of Ally than Warning. How can you tell the difference between fear and butterflies?

When you start to doubt and wonder:

  • "What if this isn't intuition...?"
  • "What if the fearful feelings are actually warnings that I should NOT go forward in this direction...?"

Fear, anxiety, warnings, and excitement can feel emotionally and physically similar.

Ask yourself this:

"Assuming that I can totally and fully pull [this] off, will my life be better because of it?"

  • If the answer is most likely "Yes," then the butterflies are your allies. That's not fear -- that's excitement and the Call to stretch yourself.
  • If the answer is likely "No, this action is not in alignment with where I ultimately want to go" then indeed your gut may be communicating an alarm bell, a warning, a flashing yellow light that says "Reconsider."

The path you are most meant to take will generally unfold for you, as you engage the Next Obvious Step, but that doesn't automatically mean it's effortless. If you are well into your mission -- if you are too far in to go back, and going forward is just as likely to be a Way Out -- before you assume that you have encountered a true block that equals a dead end, stop and re-evaluate.

Restrictions and limitations can often be very effective prompts for innovation and creative thinking.

"If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint," then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced. Vincent Van Gogh

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