Life Renovations

Send me some healing energy!

I will be having a minor outpatient surgery tomorrow, Monday December 7.

To all you energy healers and Reiki masters out there, here's the scoop on where you can direct your healing zaps:

I'm having a hernia repaired; right side of my groin. (Graphic? Too much information? Sorry, all the healers I've told have asked for some specifics to work with, so there you go!)

I may be slow to respond to emails for the next few days:


I am currently scheduling readings for the week of December 14. Go here to book a reading.

Professional Training Applicants

Please feel free to keep sending in your applications, I will process these later in the week. I still have six (6) openings at the current discount price.

Check out Automatic Intuition Professional page for details.

Renovation and Repair

I'm really excited about this medical procedure!

I know that may surprise you to hear, but here's why:

I feel that if I have any kind of medical issue that can be healed, managed, fixed, repaired -- then I'm blessed. There are so many out there who face health challenges that have no simple, obvious, third-dimensional course of action.

Energetically speaking, a hernia is likely a physical manifestation of a frustrated, misplaced creative expression. (Or a ruptured relationship -- in my case, it's definitely the misdirected creative power.) About six years ago, when this physical problem first occurred, I was at a very "low" point in my life and was faced with the ultimatum that it was time for me to reinvent myself -- my life, my path, my career -- in a more authentic way. It took me a few years to process that decision and take the actions that ultimately led me to where I am now and how you came to know me. At the time I developed the hernia, I was "in the closet" regarding my spirituality and misusing (perhaps even wasting) my creative and intuitive power -- hiding it, keeping it to myself, fearful of being judged...

I've spent the last four or five years emerging from that dark space, and you've witnessed much of that journey as I began publishing Shift Your Spirits. Last month, during all the 11-11 energy we experienced, I reached the conclusion of a phase of my life and the beginning of a new era. For me, much of that has been amazing and positive completion/ launches -- having fulfilled a goal to teach others to develop their intuition and relationships with spirit guides on a professional level.

Coinciding with that creative abundance has also been the opportunity to heal lingering health/physical issues. As a self-employed person, it took a lot of bureaucratic acrobatics to acquire the health coverage I needed to have surgery, so to me this is one major, outstanding loose-end finally being tied up.

You know what I'm most excited about? Being able to freaking WORK OUT again! My body has been in a comparatively fragile state the last few years as I worked on the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual levels. I'm really looking forward to moving forward again in all dimensions.

These third-dimensional issues (weaknesses) no longer align with my expansion in other areas of my life. They are all "old" junk, baggage... it makes a lot of sense that these "negative" energies are up for review at a time when everything else is flowing so well.

I know that some of you may be able to relate to this -- you may wonder "Why would bad things emerge as a result of a lot of positive, conscious, intentional personal growth?"

You may think "I've initiated all this great positive change -- why am I getting sick now? Why are relationships breaking up now? Why are my circumstances breaking down now?"

Retreat into Intellectual Curiosity -- take Emotional Response out of the equation and re-examine what you see as "challenging" or "scary" or "bad" -- a major, necessary phase in any Renovation is Demolition.

It may feel like the Universe has a Wrecking Ball aimed at your life, but this may actually be an answer to your prayers for change -- a blessing. Your guides are tagging and flagging that which no longer works for you or can remain in harmony with your shift in vibration.

Thank you in advance for prayers and packets of healing energy -- I'll keep everyone posted via Facebook about my progress in the next few days.

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