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Last week, I asked you to fill in the blanks:

"If I had __________, I would __________."

At the time of today's post, 902 of you have responded.

IF I HAD The first blank, the thing you said you want, lack, need, desire, or require, was overwhelmingly homogenous.

61% of you said money.

You used specific amounts, you switched up the words with terms like "unlimited abundance" or "financial freedom" but, yeah -- money.

21% of you said courage.

All of you who identified courage called it "courage." You didn't switch up the wording or use alternate terminology. That word was strikingly specific.

The remaining 18% of you gave either extremely varied and unique responses -- some quite lovely or heartbreaking -- or you talked about your connection to spirit, or you gave Miss America answers about "world peace" and "universal happiness."

(Nothing wrong with that -- the sentiments are dear.)

I WOULD The second blank, the thing you would do, was as unique and varied as your fingerprint.

There was not much of an emerging pattern here, with one exception: Those of you who invoked a desire for courage, wanted it in order to do something related to your career, job, or life purpose.

MAKING SENSE OF IT ALL I'm still processing ... specifically how it impacts what I produce for you, as I continue to attempt to serve your personal development and spiritual growth.

I don't know what this all means. I'm sharing the patterns that emerged so you can contemplate them with me. You are welcome to write me back or discuss your theories on social media. Tag me so I'll see them.

Money, abundance, manifesting… I've put out a few offerings over the years -- this is clearly why The Money Shift is my best-selling tutorial.

I'm asking my guides for meaningful ways to serve this need for abundance more.

Now, here's what's interesting about courage:

Courage is free.

(I have to wonder if the courage to move forward with that Thing you want to do might not result in that gazillion dollars the others are after… Just a thought.)

Courage is a program that's already installed within you -- you just have to open it up and run it.

The courage you require to move into your purpose? You already have it.

So -- this is what I'm wondering about most, because it feels like the thing I have a good chance of impacting...

When it comes to your courage to try something you feel so passionately about -- what are you waiting for?

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Image credit Leigh Anthony Dehaney via Creative Commons on Flickr