What Kind of Fear Is It?

Image - All Your Fears So, what are you afraid of? Or, more importantly, what kind of fear is it?

Of course the fear of failure is always a popular version to latch onto. And then there's its inverse, the fear of success, which is really a fear of change -- no more status quo, no more coasting, getting by, the comfort that is the plus-side of a rut.

If you become a "success" then you might have to be somebody else.

Are you time-traveling into the future, afraid of losing something that you haven't even obtained yet? Wouldn't it be horrible to get It (whatever It is that means more to you than anything) and then have It taken away? Maybe it's better not to get It at all…

If your dream comes true, then you're left with the terrifying notion of trying to hang onto it, trying to "pause life" and resist the inevitability of change.

Is your fear even real? Has anything actually happened to warrant your anxiety, or are you making shit up to scare yourself with? Are you rehearsing scenarios that may never even come to pass?

If you practice all the ways you might feel afraid, maybe it won't take you by surprise. Maybe it won't hurt so much when it really happens.

Are you afraid of a lie? Reacting to an illusion? What evidence do you have that you need to worry? Have you seen proof? Or are you going along with a lack of information?

If you jump to conclusions, at least you can be prepared for the worst.

Fear is a manifestation of a lack of faith -- in yourself, in your abilities, in your power (or in a higher power). Fear is a disconnection -- from your allies, from your loved ones, from your hard-earned resources.

What you ultimately fear is finding yourself alone in All This.


Who can you share your fear with? Another pair of eyes can spot transparency. Another voice can laugh with you and make the shadows dissipate.

Have you asked someone to witness your fears? A friend will do. (You can literally pay someone to listen to you, you know. There are social services available if you can't afford that.)

Have you written down your fears? Is the list as intimidating when you see it on paper?

If you analyze your fear, you may find that what you're really afraid of is only a ghost. Smoke. An illusion.

You cannot believe in spirit and simultaneously be alone. You wouldn't be reading this is if you didn't believe in spirit.

Call your guardians to you. Feel the unseen protective forces around you.

Fear is an alarm... that you're approaching transformation.

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Image credit h.koppdelaney via Creative Commons on Flickr