The Next Shift in Manifesting Money

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Dear Slade, I purchased your course The Money Shift a little over a month ago and have just completed the 30 day exercise.

It was very helpful. I learned that I had all these ridiculous beliefs about money. I've uncovered a deep-seated, unnaturally strong, emotional reaction to conversations with my partner that involve finances. Just talking about money makes me really angry for some reason. I've honestly been in denial about money my entire life, pushing it away and refusing to take responsibility for it.

It's been so rewarding to diagnose and then get rid of these thoughts and emotions. I feel like I have a little bit of momentum here… how do I take it to the next level? -- Lee

It feels like your sole focus, up to this point, has been getting rid of the negative beliefs about money. To some degree, even focusing on getting rid of the negative stuff is still focusing on the negative stuff, you know what I mean?

Don't get me wrong, that's the important first part of the process.

There are multiple components to the process of rehabilitating financial health:

  • Identifying and removing the old thoughts and toxic emotions
  • Implementing new thought patterns and behavioral habits
  • Taking actions that represent all the other sacred elements

Think of this as a renovation -- a crumbling wall has been diagnosed with a termite infestation. It must be torn out. But then a new improved structure has to be built in its place.

All the work you've done tearing out the old, rotten beliefs may only get you so far. That actually creates a vacuum around your thoughts regarding money. Something has to fill that vacuum. It is way too easy for that to be more of the same old thinking habits, emotional responses, and behaviors...

Please be aware that deep-seated, persistent negative thoughts and feelings may require more intensive counseling with a clinical therapist to get to the next step.


  • What new habits are you creating?
  • Are you focusing on a new internal dialogue regarding money?

You must have alternate replacement thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

My best advice to you at this point is to put as much effort as you can into the "If Money Was a Person" exercise.

Once you feel that you've gotten rid of the bad thought habits, and started a new ongoing relationship with a more positive perception of money… Then there are still actions that need to be taken.

Actions in the "real world" -- not metaphysical stuff; physical stuff -- practical grounded financial health. Regardless of what The Secret or some other Law of Attraction methods teach, you can't just think yourself rich. Or feel your way rich.

That's only two of the sacred elements -- Air (thought) and Water (emotion).

Thoughts and feelings are "half-manifested."

The Whole of a thing requires all four sacred elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) and the synergy of all the elements together (Spirit/Essence).

Once you have completed the groundwork in The Money Shift (getting rid of the old negative beliefs, and implementing a relationship with a new perception of Money) check out my course Manifest Anything for the set of tools to further your manifesting techniques.

You don't want to work Manifest Anything without first doing the work in The Money Shift, so you're on the right track. Now you're ready to take it to the next level.

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