Can You Create Your Soul Mate?

I've been accused of being openly pessimistic in my writings about romantic love.

Having been single for thirteen years, I've admittedly wondered how "qualified" I am to talk about soul mates. In my past serious relationships, my partners have not reciprocated my feelings. I don't say that to sound pathetic. It's simply the truth.

I've had to trust that when I do a Reading for someone, my personal experience is irrelevant. My intuition provides the guidance, but it's not about me.

The advice I've been giving to others over the years has proven to be true…I've witnessed some convincing evidence.

Becoming who you've always wanted to become — focusing on a passion that has nothing to do with anyone elsethis is the key ingredient to attracting the right partner.

It's not about finding them; it's about finding you.

Have you ever considered your ideal romantic partnership from this perspective:

  • Who do I want to be when I meet the love of my life?
  • What backstory will I have lived, one of victimhood or one of transcendence?
  • What do I want to be able to share?
  • Why will he or she be proud of me?
  • What will I have to offer?

When you lean toward becoming the person you've always intended to be, your vibration changes. There's an evolution in the signals you're sending out. These are the vibes that attract the person you're meant to be with.

Can you really manifest a partner? Most popular philosophies about the law of attraction want to conflate manifesting with creating. We're told over and over again that we create 100% of everything that happens to us. I've come pretty close to screaming my opinion about that, spittle flying.

I believe there's a difference between creating and manifesting. Creating involves projecting, forcing, a strength of will. Manifesting requires receiving, allowing, a passive grace.

There's an important component to meeting the love of your life that is out of your control. I believe we all need to accept that.

It is luck. It may be destiny, it may be fate…

You can manifest anything. You can create all kinds of things in this world. You can influence many aspects of your experience.

You can design much of the life you want… but you cannot design other people.

You can be ready. You can be willing, open, brave. You can definitely be in the process of discovering who you are in the world.

The better you know yourself, the better you and your potential mate can recognize one another.