Who Says It Gets Better?

image - transition I've given up on believing every year is necessarily going to be better than the last. That I will only keep going up, only expanding...

There are contractions, inhalations, losses of breath. Sucker punches and surprises. It might be all you can do just to keep breathing.

I know I might be breaking your heart right now — I'm supposed to be the one always convincing you it gets better...

But to help you thrive I can't set you up. I have to also prepare you. Part of believing in you is helping to program a survivor.

You'll be fine when everything is amazing. You don't need me when you're in the light.

Sometimes all I can say is: No, maybe that didn't happen for a reason. Maybe there is no virtuous plan. You got shit-kicked and you didn't deserve it. And it's supposed to hurt. For a while.

But you're OK. You're safe, you're protected. You’re fine.

"You are eminently worthy; all things pass." --Eric Ganther

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image credit Simon Pais via Creative Commons on Flickr