Pluck it

Image - spider's laundry HOW TO FIND YOUR VIBRATION Find all the Somethings you love, and all the Somebodies, gather them close enough together to embrace all of it as a whole — that is you. Take note of what the whole of you exhales.

Now, call out the two silliest, craziest pieces you got — the two that least go together, the ones you think don’t fit your picture — and stretch a cord between them. Finer than a hair, thinner than a thought, big enough to be a notion.

Pluck it — that is a note of your song. That is one second of your soundtrack. Strung out and strung together, these are the voices of your chorus. It’s an orchestra you command and compose for.

Your purpose is a vibe; and your vibe is about what you release.

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...excerpted from the post Who You Are Becomes You Quote suggested by Chris M.

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image credit Petra Gagilas via Creative Commons on Flickr