Manifesting More - Celebrating Abundance

Put your To Do Lists away for a moment -- today's the day to work on your Ta-Dah List! August 1st is Lammas Day, also called Lughnassadh (pronounced loo-NAH-sah). It is the Festival of the First Fruits; the first of the 3 harvests; start of the harvest season; it's all about celebrating the bounty in our lives.

For more scholarly information about the origin of the name, check out Druid Journal's Word of The Day.

You spend so much time and energy on your To Do list -- that running list of what you have yet to accomplish, what you still lack, what you need, what you wish. Always in the future, always somewhere else...

Before you tackle anymore "I need to..." take a few moments to give yourself credit for some "Look what I've done!"

Did you start something really big this year? Or did you experience some simple joys?

Did you:

  • make a baby?
  • adopt a pet?
  • go back to school?
  • launch a business?
  • start your own blog?
  • land a new job?
  • ask for a raise?
  • find a new home?
  • create something -- anything?
  • plant some tomatoes?
  • make a new friend?
  • start a new exercise program?
  • sign up for a class you've always wanted to take?
  • teach someone to tie her shoes?
  • read a wonderful book and then passed it on?
  • go somewhere you've never been before?

What fear have you moved toward?

  • What action have you taken?
  • Who have you encouraged?
  • Whom have you loved?

Thought-forming - 3 Simple Secrets for Manifesting More:

  • Gratitude: The first secret of manifesting more abundance is to acknowledge what you already have. When you focus on what you lack, what you have yet to accomplish, you create a feeling of need or scarcity. A sure-fire antidote for feeling that you're lacking something is to identify where it is, where you do have it.
  • Emotion: The second secret of manifesting more of what you want in your world is to engage the emotion of its presence in the present. How does it feel to get a paycheck? How does it feel to receive blessings, acknowledgment of your hard work? How does it feel to accept a compliment?
  • Casting: The third secret of manifesting is to write it down and share it. Thoughts are things -- words are the wands; the way by which we handle ideas. Attaching a word to an idea or desire acts as a beacon for more of that energy to locate itself and find you; words are the fishing lines with which you reel in your Universal catch.

Put it out there! Share your thoughts with the world. Tell it to someone you trust. Send an email to a friend. If you have a blog, publish a post about it. Or leave a comment on a blog you like.

Love is a verb. No one can ever love your life -- and all that you find in it -- more than you. What do you love about your life right now?

The longer you make your Ta Dah! list, the more you will manifest, the more you will become. Yes, like you, I too am eager to get back to my To Do list -- but before you go, at least engage me in the "short-cut" version of this exercise.

Leave a comment and share just one thing you've started this year.

Seek Wisdom -- Practice Love