Review of Automatic Intuition

Bio Pic - Alex WuI would like to introduce you to Alex Wu, an up-and-coming (and coming up fast!) intuitive counselor I have had the pleasure of mentoring this year. Alex has given me a great gift of his time and attention -- a very thorough and thoughtful Review of the Automatic Intuition Professional Training Program.

Last month, I received an excellent Reading from Alex. (Trust me, it takes a lot of courage to offer a reading to another professional intuitive... Alex totally rocked it.) Not only was it a pleasure to be on the Other End of a Reading, Alex gave me some very specific and powerful support in the areas of my life purpose and career.

I'd like to return the favor of Alex's efforts by inviting you all to go visit his site and see what he has to offer: Alex Wu –- Intuitive Guidance for Heart, Soul and the Left Side of the Brain.

Spiritual Counselors I Recommend It is truly satisfying to work one-on-one with all the students of my Automatic Intuition Professional course -- some of whom you will find listed on the Directory page. They represent a unique and highly diverse group of healers I am proud to recommend.

I encourage you to check them out and discover some other voices and faces to add to your network:

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