Divine Timing & Hands-free Miracles

Time has a way of handling itself. Things have a way of working out as exactly as they will. You are always ultimately in the right place at the right time regardless of your perspective in any given moment.

Synchronicity and serendipity do not require your nagging directions and instructions... it's called divine timing for a reason. It's not really "divine" if you're trying to control it.

Divine TimingTrust that the Universe is probably not all that enhanced or improved by your manic attempts at micromanagement.

Your personal will is a powerful thing. Mantras, mind sets, good attitudes and right actions are important; but part of what makes the magic in all of it so apparent is that you are not required to DO everything.

If you're always inevitably in the right place and time, and you can't miss that which is destined for you, and you're doing your courageous best to identify and change the things that you can... then the only thing you really have left to do to ensure the magic is to choose to be okay with where you are right now.

Rainmaking, making things happen, moving heaven and earth... it's all a lot of Work for a mortal to be taking on. Especially when the True Miracle will still best be seen when you're floating like a leaf on a stream.

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Image credit John Harvey | monkey.c.net via Creative Commons on Flickr