Simple Intuition

Image - Simple Intuition It’s easy to dismiss intuitive answers or impulses as being too simple, too commonplace, too ordinary, or not significant enough. The information can range from tiny breadcrumb clue to big picture overview.

When you meditate, pray, use divination tools, or communicate with spirit guides, simplicity is a typical quality of the kind of answers you can expect to receive.

Guidance doesn’t have to be arcane, complex, difficult, or esoteric to be profound. Allow the practice of receiving it to be easy.

Intuitive answers can be extremely brief -- a keyword, a phrase, a sentence exhaled on the back of a single breath.

Intuition may not even be a word -- an inkling, a flash, a feeling.

Intuition may seem obvious -- an insight that closely resembles common sense.

When compared to the blather of the ego and the over-analysis of the intellect, intuition is automatic, fast, and succinct.

The answer you seek already exists; the goal of intuition is simply to retrieve it.

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Image credit mcbridejc via Creative Commons on Flickr