Manifesting for Pessimists

Image - Pessimistic Thoughts From everything claimed about manifesting, you'd think a bullish certainty of outcome and an inexhaustibly radiant positive attitude are absolute necessities.

That even the slightest hiccup of word choice -- even in your most silent thoughts -- can magically unravel the fabric of reality … creeping insidious semantics like trying instead of doing, focusing on what you don't want instead of what you do, or failing to insistently "glow" at all times…

Any chink in your armor of white light, gratitude, and positivity could doom your desires. (Right? So we're told...)

But reframing, even after the fact, catching and releasing, and recasting your intentions at any point in the process… I've come to believe that's okay. It's enough.

Those who suffer and fail are the ones who are not conscious of their pessimism. And of course they're still great at creating their reality -- at finding a reflection of their worst fears all around them. But then what do they do? How do they respond?

Observing your fears without engaging them is very powerful. You don't have to become them or eradicate them -- allow them to wander in and roam about. Treat your fears as ghosts, as informative and interesting spiritual phenomena -- recognizable, indicative, directive -- capable of bearing messages and diagnoses, yet unable to move matter in this dimension.

There is a transparent veil. A window. A screen. A mirror. But it still functions as a protective barrier.

Like watching a horror film or reading a really good ghost story, you can scare yourself half to death and walk away unharmed. Emotionally rebooted. Invigorated. Strengthened in your decisions and in your resolve. Fine.

You can be still be haunted by doubts even as you make your dreams come true.

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Image credit Simon Pais via Creative Commons on Flickr