The Only Thing Stopping You

There's really only one thing that determines when and whether or not you develop your intuitive abilities -- your decision to do so. No one has come back to me on a Second Mentoring Session and said "I can't do this. I tried, but I can't." No one.

Those who devote themselves to the very practical process laid out in the Automatic Intuition Professional training program come back in a few weeks for Call #2 with stories of confirmation and affirmation of their innate ability to do Readings for others.

Your decision to become a professional intuitive happens at the perfect time.

You've felt a nudge from Spirit to do this. You'll keep on receiving those winks and taps and nudges until you follow through. You can trust that impulse -- you may not be able to predict where it will take you, but it's somewhere you're meant to go.

There's something you're meant to learn. It's part of your Path.

I remember what it feels like to say "What the Hell! Let's explore this, once and for all..." I remember what it felt like to take that leap of faith. I also remember what it felt like to manifest the finances, out of thin air, to sign up for professional mentoring.

It was a stretch for about, oh, a minute, maybe a month ... and then it changed my life. The guidance of another person already doing this work led me very, very quickly to the most successful, purposeful, and enjoyable "job" I've ever had.

So, if it's your time to make that decision, I would be honored to walk with you for a little way along this part of your Path.

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