Image - Fireflies Epiphanies are like fireflies.

Once you discover one, you begin to see others. They attract one another. They begin to coalesce, to mate and to multiply.

But, like the lightning bug right in front of you one moment, an epiphany may shift location, reappearing and winking at you again from a slightly different perspective.

You could try to collect them all in a jar, to light a dark interior room, but that never works out like you hope, does it?

Insights don't survive in captivity.

The one thing you realize, with your twilight spaces lit up by constellations of low-flying eureka sparks, is that witnessing brief moments of wisdom is not the same thing as acting upon them.

Having epiphanies is not the same thing as applying them.

Epiphanies are not guarantees.

These moments of illumination come and go.

Epiphanies inform change, but they can't make anything happen, in and of themselves.

Right, mindful action is a constant, on-going collection of your creative choices, always shifting, ever so slightly, as you chase the next liberated pixel of enlightenment in the night.

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image credit W P via Creative Commons on Flickr