A Preventative Cure for A Broken Heart

Okay, so I promised 83% less hearts and flowers than the leading New Age blather... That's a cynical claim; and the promise specifically refers to my Voice and my Voices -- the vocabulary I use. While I embrace a more authentic edge to my spiritual vocabulary, the subjects which I seek, and of which I speak, are the usual suspects. And this visualization is still just about the loveliest and most authentic thing I've ever heard in my life... it deserves repeating.

Ironically, Vaishali, author of You Are What You Love identifies herself as the "only spiritual teacher you'll meet who dresses like a stripper and talks like Lenny Bruce." I like her already...

While speaking to Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, the wise-cracking and wise Vaishali busts out with a metaphor that stops traffic:

If you wear truth and love over your heart, then when the world breaks your heart -- and it will -- truth and love will be the first thing to fall into and fill that hole.

Damn, girl...