Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

Image - Breath You’ve incarnated into an environmental wetsuit of flesh that allows you to interface with the third-dimensional world.

Your mortal soul, mind, and body are connected to a Universal Collective Intelligence through a form of bio-technology we call intuition. Your intuitive abilities can be developed through training and practice.

You’re already (at least a little bit) psychic.

And you're not alone. Your mission is attended by a benevolent team of spirit entities -- your allies -- agents of light and shadow who act as guides and guardians.

Your mission is not preordained. You do have free will.

You may willfully choose to ignore the signs of greater purpose. You may have been overwhelmed by this physical life experience or traumatized by events to the point that you cannot fulfill your mission — you’ve forgotten, or been brainwashed, or been taught to believe something else.

But you have an inkling that there is something you are meant to do. That there is something more.

Deep down, whether or not you would ever admit it out loud to anyone else, you believe you are special. You are Chosen.

Or you choose to believe. And you choose to participate.

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Image credit Simon Pais via Creative Commons on Flickr