What Might Divine Protection Look Like?

Image - Divine Protection You pray for warnings, for options, for protection, for guidance...

And then you find yourself hitting walls. Held back by circumstances beyond your control. Unable to move forward in the direction you were heading.

The new boyfriend who's such a great communicator suddenly texts that he's not ready for a relationship. The interview that goes so well for the job that seems so perfect for you goes to someone else. The slow car in front of you catches every red light and makes you ridiculously, steering-wheel-poundingly late.

Rejection is God's protection.

You will never know the alternate universe where the original trajectory of your path continued -- that perfect guy was a decade of heartache waiting to happen, that business went bankrupt, that was the road where the train derailed that morning...

Nothing definitely defines a new direction quite like a dead end.

You asked your spirit guides for assistance, and you got it -- maybe the block you're cursing is exactly what divine protection looks like.

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Image credit h.koppdelaney via Creative Commons on Flickr