10 More Money Manifesting Truths

Image - Silver Coins A continuation of Money Pearls with an emphasis on manifesting money.

1. Do not confuse manifesting a thing with manifesting the money to purchase a thing.

2. When you compare it to all the things you want to manifest in your life which cannot be bought, manifesting money is very doable.

3. Money is always about “something else” — it’s an energy, a resource, some would call it a power — you want more money so that you can _______.

4. Making more work does not necessarily automatically and always equal making more money.

5. Taking action doesn’t have to align with the obvious, so long as your actions align with what is true and authentic.

6. Taking action does not need to be “logical” or “direct” — if your indirect actions are in the highest possible alignment with the vibration or energetic signature of what you wish to manifest the results can be just as effective.

7. Manifesting Money as a “catch-all” is placing the same, very narrowly-defined limits on the conditions of what you’re trying to manifest. It’s like telling the Universe that everything has to arrive by the same route, can fit into only one size box, can only exist in one form…or you don’t want it.

8. Don’t confuse the process by making money an extra set of steps or a specific and potentially unnecessary requirement — simplify the layers wherever possible. Take note of anywhere that you might have made money an “extra step” in your manifesting process. That will look something like “I want to manifest $1000 so that I can buy _______.” Anywhere that you can insert the phrase “so that I can buy” or “because I need to pay for” in front of the Thing you require, ask yourself “Can I not just manifest the thing itself?"

9. Ask for help. If you find yourself in a medical, financial, or legal challenge and trying to manifest a solution, summon the power of Other People. One of the ways that our spirit guides, God, the Universe, our intuition leads us to what we seek is in the form of other people who are specialized in solving very particular "real world" problems. Even as you pray for a miracle, pray for a miracle in the form of a great doctor, a compassionate legal advocate, a capable financial adviser. There’s a reason why we refer to these kinds of people as “Angels on Earth.”

10. When you have plenty of money, when a lack of money is not an issue, the whole topic tends to recede from your conscious focus. You’ve also probably found yourself expressing exactly this intention: “I want more money so I don’t have to worry about money” — right? For Future Abundant You, money has receded into the background.

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