All That Effort, All That Trying

Image - Still Waters Imagine that the problem your mind is spinning over is not a raging river at all, but simply a shallow pond or a still pool. And let’s say that the solution you wish to manifest is a bright coin resting on the bottom.

Your thrashing around -- all that effort, all that trying -- only stirs up mud and churns up foam -- particles of anxiety and complication that obscure an otherwise clear surface.

Whatever your intentions, your actions are no longer "helping."

You’re making the waters murky.

The sun still shines. And that bright coin is there somewhere within your grasp.

What happens if you just stand still long enough for the waters around you to calm and the silt to settle? Let it be -- for the next hour, the rest of the day, this week -- live like you already have everything you need.

Let your solution reveal itself to you.

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Image credit Simon Pais via Creative Commons on Flickr